Bellator 293: Lucas Brennan Admits He Doesn’t Do Enough on Social Media


Temecula, CA — It was another submission win for undefeated featherweight Lucas Brennan at Bellator 293 on Friday.

Brennan (8-0) put away Josh San Diego with a rear-naked choke inside of a round in Temecula, California, and reflected on the win afterwards.

“Everything felt great. I didn’t really get off too much on the feet, landed a couple of things here and there. Landed a good cross, solid, used that in my following setup,” Brennan recalled, speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press. “Everything felt great. Takedown was great, back was great. I was holding his head in place with my own head so to hit him, so he would stop wiggling so much, but now my forehead kind of hurts.”

Getting a fight under his belt right at the end of March, Brennan is hoping to fight twice more this year. “I aim for three. We’ll see where we are in the year and go from there.”

If you haven’t heard of Lucas Brennan just yet, there might be a reason: despite his undefeated record, he admits he hasn’t built his brand on social media.

“I don’t much, if I’m being totally honest. I do a poor job of it. I don’t post enough, I don’t really do enough, when I do post it’s really random, and it’s memes if anything. I need to brand myself more, and I probably should, it would probably help me out a little bit,” Brennan acknowledged. “But I don’t really know how to do that. And if I talk for too long, the ’tisms start coming out. I don’t get enough good stuff going. I don’t post enough. I could brand myself better, but I post like once a month. It’s not enough at all.”

He’ll just have to keep winning, then — which hasn’t been a problem so far.

Watch the full Bellator 293 post-fight press conference with Lucas Brennan above.


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