Bellator 293: Overlook Archie Colgan’s All-Around Game And ‘You’ll Regret It’

One-dimensional is a term used for many fighters who seemingly have one really good tool inside the cage and a basic-level understanding of the rest of the MMA game. Don’t call Bellator lightweight Archie Colgan that however, or as he says, you’ll regret it.

“I can wrestle. I’ll take you down. If you choose not to respect my striking, you’ll regret that. If you choose to not respect the wrestling, you’ll regret it,” Colgan told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum on Friday.

“And it hasn’t been shown yet, but if you choose not to respect my grappling, you’ll regret it.”

Colgan (7-0) of course has high-level wrestling and is thought of as someone whose biggest weapon is the takedowns and control. Justin Montalvo found out that Colgan also has high-level hands at his disposal, and the all-around game makes him one of the more exciting fighters on the Bellator roster.

“There’s a lot of people on this card who have great experience, done great things, but there’s a reason why they decided to put me on the main card,” he said.

The first-round finish wasn’t just a highlight reel ending for the young lightweight, but a much needed one as Colgan revealed that he had to deal with food poisoning throughout the week.

“This week week was a really rough week for me surprisingly. The weight cut day I caught food poisoning, was throwing up at the gym all over, couldn’t break a sweat. Went to bed still like 6 pounds over. Had to wake up at 1am, cut all that weight off, still made weight,” he said.

“After that I hadn’t been able to eat these last two days because my stomach still upset. I didn’t put on the weight that I normally put on. I came out there and dominated though.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Archie Colgan above.