Get to Know Flyweight Prospect Maritza Sanchez

Maritza Sanchez
Maritza Sanchez Credit: Combate Global

Maritza Sanchez is a flyweight prospect that’s currently signed to Combate Global, with a 4-1 record as a professional so far.

Sanchez went 5-6 as an amateur but after losing her pro debut, she’s been killing it winning her next/last four fights. We spoke to Sanchez recently in a short interview to get to know the flyweight up-and-comer a little bit more.

Q. How did you get into MMA? What was your first introduction to combat sports?

A. I started training MMA for fun and exercise in my sister’s and brother-in-law’s small garage (aka my coach) when I was 15. My main introduction to combat sports was boxing. I did boxing more than anything at first.

Q. If applicable, list any accomplishments you have in combat sports.

A. I got a few medals from jiujitsu tournaments and competitions, but my biggest accomplishment in my amateur career was becoming champion for the 559 135 women’s division and later on getting into my professional career.

Q. Did you play a lot of sports growing up?

A. I played soccer and rugby throughout my four years in high school, other than that I was just starting my MMA career.

Q. Is MMA your full-time job? If so, what are some jobs you had in the past?

A. MMA is my full-time job. Some jobs I’ve had in the past have been working in different restaurants, bartending, and working as a preschool teacher for a few years.

Q. Do you have anyone you looked up to in sports?

A. When I first got into MMA I remember looking up to Tecia Torres and Ronda Rousey. I was amazed at their ability and work ethic.

Q. I see you train at Team Alpha Male. Explain how that materialized and who are you usually sparing with.

I transitioned to Team Alpha Male after not being able to train with my only coaches due to personal reasons. I still train with them now though. I don’t do my main sparring at Alpha Male, but when I do I spar with the girls (Maycee Barber, Cory McKenna, Tina Machedo) and some guys. I spar with some of my training partners from my other gyms.

Q. Your growth as an amateur to a pro is substantial. What did you take away from your amateur career?

A. My amateur career wasn’t pretty. It took a toll on me especially after losing my very first professional fight. That turned a switch on me that if I was going to do this, I had to do it the right way and give it my all, not that I wasn’t already, but it definitely motivated me to push through and get to where I am today.

Q. After losing your pro debut you haven’t lost since. What changed since then and how are you a better fighter now compared to then?

A. The drive and focus on my training lead me to improve as a person and fighter on a much higher level.

Q. What makes you different from everyone else that steps in the cage?

A. I think everyone is unique in their own ways, but something that makes me different from others is that I am fierce with staying true to myself, being kind to others, and believing in my ability to make it to the top and more.

Q. If you weren’t competing in MMA where do you think you’d be?

A. If I wasn’t in MMA, I think I would be living in SoCal while being a content creator and fitness influencer.

Q. Outside of training on your days off what are some of the things you like to do?

A. Most of the time on my days off, I truly like to do absolutely nothing. Might watch a movie or if I’m feeling active I’ll go on a nice hike.

Q. What are your goals in MMA for this year?

A. My goals for MMA this year are to fight at least four times. I’d like to earn a title shot and become the first Combate Global women’s flyweight champion. After my contract with Combate, I’d like to see where I’ll go after that.

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