Shane Burgos Didn’t Expect to Leave UFC, But “It Takes About Four UFC Fights” to Equal PFL Per-Fight Pay

The money awaiting Shane Burgos at the end of the upcoming PFL season, “it’s huge, it’s massive,” the former UFC star told Cageside Press in a recent exclusive interview.

There was more to “Hurricane” Burgos making landfall with the PFL than just the prize money up for grabs, however.

“Aside from the million dollars to win the whole thing, my money per fight is phenomenal. I’m making way more money— it takes about four UFC fights, with the show and win money, to make what I’m making for a PFL fight,” Burgos, who debuts at PFL 3 on April 14, revealed. “So it was almost like a no-brainer when it comes to the money. It was hard, it wasn’t an easy decision, obviously, because I did love the UFC, I loved fighting for the UFC, I loved the organization, I loved saying I was fighting for the UFC. But at the end of the day, I’ve got to look at myself in the mirror, I’ve got to look at my wife in the face and my kids and tell them that this sh*t was worth it. The money that I’m making now, there’s no doubt that this is going to be worth it.”

Burgos is full steam ahead at the moment, just weeks out from his PFL debut. Originally, that was supposed to come last year, only for an injury to force Burgos from a non-season bout with Marlon Moraes. Now, Burgos will move up to lightweight, a decision based on the repeated weight cuts necessitated by the PFL season format. But Burgos didn’t always believe he would be here; as he entered free agency, he actually expected to stay put.

“I really did think I was going to go back to the UFC, and just make more money than I was making at the time,” he admitted.

Then, talks heated up with the PFL. Once the deal was right for Burgos, he felt it would be “disrespectful to my family” to turn it down. The featherweight-turned-lightweight also feels more like he’s in a business partnership with his new home, rather than just being an employee. “I’ve got no complaints about the PFL. Full steam ahead.”

When news broke that Burgos had jumped from the UFC to the Professional Fighters League, even Dana White admitted that “big mistakes” were made in his promotion allowing Burgos to slip away.

“Flattering. Flattering to say the least,” Burgos said of White’s comments, noting the UFC President as well as Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell called him after he announced his decision. “It was very flattering, it was nice to be appreciated for the work that I put in for their organization. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I put on some great fights for the UFC, and to be appreciated for that was f*cking awesome.”

Now, it’s on to Olivier Aubin-Mercier, last year’s lightweight champ, though Burgos isn’t entirely closing the door on featherweight. Or perhaps more accurately, he’s leaving it open just a crack. “I’ll never say never, money talks, first of all. But right now, it’s closed just because I’m in this season for 155. So this year, I’m fighting at 155. Next year, that season is probably going to be at 155 too. The super-fight’s there, if the money’s right, possibly, but right now I’m just focused solely on 55.”

As for fellow UFC alum OAM, “I’ve been saying it, this is my world title fight. I’m treating it like a title fight,” Burgos exclaimed. “This is the guy that won the season last year, I’m telling him to bring the belt, because I’m bringing it back home.”

When it comes to a prediction, a fired-up Burgos added “I’m getting my hand raised at the end of that night. April 14 it’ll be my night in the desert. Las Vegas, Nevada, don’t miss it guys, it’s gonna be a f*cking banger. I promise you it’s going to be violent, everything you’d expect from a Shane Burgos fight, is exactly what I plan to give on April 14.”

Watch our full interview with Shane Burgos above. Burgos headlines PFL 3 on April 14, 2023 opposite Olivier Aubin-Mercier in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Theater at Virgin Hotels.