UFC 286: Joanne Wood Not Ready to Retire, Wants Lauren “Not So Lucky Next Time” Murphy

London, England — Women’s flyweight Joanne Wood returned from a year-long layoff at UFC 286, snapping a three-fight losing streak with a split decision win against Luana Carolina.

Ahead of the bout, Wood (16-8) had revealed she had one more fight past Saturday left on her UFC contract, and was hoping to sign a new deal with a win. Otherwise, her career was very much up in the air.

She reiterated that following her on at the O2 Arena on Saturday, noting she didn’t feel ready to lay down the gloves.

“I love it here in the UFC, love the staff, love you guys. Feel like the UFC is my home, would love to get another contract,” Wood told media outlets including Cageside Press. “If not, I’ll fight my fight, and then maybe I put the gloves down, but I feel that now that I’m healthy, that I don’t really want to put them down right now.”

With that in mind, Scotland’s Wood, who trains with Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas and is marred it head coach John Wood, has an opponent in mind.

“Looking forward to get back in there. I know Lauren Murphy is looking for a fight. I think Lauren ‘Not So Lucky the Next Time’ Murphy would be a good fight.”

Luckily for Wood, UFC President Dana White confirmed in his own post-fight press conference appearance on Saturday that he would happily have the flyweight back. “We love her. I’m sure we’ll get something done with her. She’s awesome to have around. The answer’s yes. Hell yes. We’ll get a new deal done with Jojo.”

As for Saturday’s win over Carolina, Wood addressed the feeling waiting for the scores to be read.

“I mean, like Dana says, never take it to the judges. So whenever you’re up there waiting for the judges’ decision, you’re like ‘man, disappointed the boss.’ But yeah, I’m just glad I was on there. Because I’ve had lots of fights that have been close decisions, but went to the other girl. So definitely happy right now.”

Watch the full UFC 286 post-fight press conference with Joanne Wood above.