UFC Las Vegas: Josh Fremd Had No Game Plan other than ‘Be Josh Fremd’

Las Vegas, NV –  UFC middleweight Josh Fremd wasn’t worried about his opponent’s undefeated record going into UFC Las Vegas and took advantage of the holes he saw when he finished Sedriques Dumas on Saturday.

Fremd (10-4) took a look at Dumas’ record and realized he would be the biggest test of the young middleweight’s career.

“He hasn’t fought anyone who put him on his back foot. He hasn’t fought anyone who was willing to punch him in the mouth. I wanted to go out there and put it on him. My teammate, Alex Hernandez, sent me one of the best pre-fight texts I’ve ever had in my life,” Fremd told Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum

“In short terms believe in myself and the entire time in the back, the entire time this morning, I just kept telling myself, ‘I can, I will, I belong here, and I can do this'”

On a 2-fight losing streak Fremd was definitely on the ropes when it comes to his UFC roster spot and he knew it as he told Cageside Press.

“Hey from where I come from I know what a setup looks like, and I know they were trying to set me up, push this kid along. That’s not going to happen on me,” he said.

Fremd mentioned that he came into the fight with no real game plan just a simple plan; be yourself.

“Game plan was go out there and be Josh Fremd. There was no thought process, there was no actual game plan, I’m going to do this, that and the other. I wanted to revert back to who I was back in LFA and what got me here,” he said.

“That was putting people out, putting people to sleep, and just being violent. Being the Josh Fremd I know I can be and that was it.”

Next up for Fremd will be an attempt at a win streak and solidifying his place on the roster.

“I have a couple names. The one I called out not too long ago, Claudio (Ribeiro), he just lost to (Abdul Razak Alhassan) I believe it was. I’ll fight him. Honestly if it’s a good match up I’ll take it. I don’t have a particular name or person,” he said.

“I want to fight someone who’s going to push me and make me be the better version of myself so I don’t want to go out there and be a bully. I want to go out there and fight someone who kind of scares me.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Josh Fremd above.