UFC Las Vegas: Karl Williams No Longer Planning Return to 205

Las Vegas, NV — Debuting heavyweight Karl Williams admits he did not have a game plan heading into his UFC Las Vegas match-up with Lukasz Brzeski.

“Have fun, and just see where it goes. I wanted to come in with a game plan, but I was like ‘you know, just go out there and have fun,'” Williams (8-1) told media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight, which saw him claim a unanimous decision victory. “I prepared for everything, so it was like ‘okay just go see what he gives you and enjoy.'”

It was, in fact, fun for Williams even though Brzeski proved to be a heavy hitter.

“He hits hard, and he tried to hit me with an elbow, I was like ‘oh he’s gonna hit me with this elbow!’ and then he missed, I was like ‘ooh thank you, thank you!'”

Overall, Williams UFC debut lived up to expectations. “Oh yes. Everything and more. I’m sitting in front of all these cameras, people are seeing what I’m seeing. This is amazing. The crowd, the people back stage, everything in the UFC leading up to this was wonderful,” said Williams, who held most of his camp in Las Vegas to be close to the UFC Performance Institute. “This has been a blessing.”

Speaking of the UFC PI, though Williams had hinted a return to light heavyweight, where he fought earlier in his career, before UFC Las Vegas, that will no longer be happening.

“Not at all. Not at all. That’s why I said, with the UFC, the best thing is having the PI.” After a week of testing, sitting at 237lbs, results at the Performance Institute suggested it would be a tough cut to 205lbs. The PI offered to get him ready for heavyweight instead. “I took the easy way out, I was just like ‘alright let’s go to heavyweight. Get a few more pounds, I could eat!'”

“I was eating all week, I was watching the guys cut weight, I felt bad for them. Because my last two fights, I had to cut 20 pounds so I know the struggle they were going through. So I was just happy — I didn’t eat in their face but in the back I was like ‘alright, I’ve got all this food I can enjoy.”

Watch the full UFC Las Vegas post-fight media appearance by Karl Williams above.


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