UFC Las Vegas’ Sedriques Dumas Already Has Plans for His 50k

Sedriques Dumas, DWCS winner set to make UFC debut
SD Dumas, Dana White's Contender Series 52 weigh-in Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

When you ask some fighters what it means to finally make the UFC after years on the regional circuit, each has a slightly different answer. The recognition of hard work, the financial support to help their family, their chance for greatness – there’s plenty of ways to look at it. With just days to go before his first fight in the UFC’s famed octagon, it means just one thing to Florida’s Sedriques Dumas.

“It means that 50k is gonna be in my pocket soon,” Dumas stated with his trademark confidence. “That’s what I’m waiting on.”

Although some fighters want it to be able to go out and make a big purchase – a new car or fancy watch – don’t count Dumas in that camp. In fact, “The Reaper” sees all those purchases as stupid and is ready for his money to work for him.

“People invest in dumbass sh*t – Louis Vuitton, MIRI, strippers – f*ck all that, bro. All those clothes are going to do the same thing; shrink up once you put them bitches in the washer,” he said. “I want long money. I don’t want no f*cking fast, short-time money.”

And Dumas has a plan for how he’s going to turn his first of many performance of the night bonuses into ‘long money’ as he calls it. That’s by making himself a business owner in one of the fastest growing industries in America right now.

“I already know what I’m doing, bro. I’m going to invest in my dispensary and the rest of it, I’m going to keep hidden,” Dumas shared. “But the main thing is to get my weed dispensary in Florida.”

Of course, standing in the way of his business and that 50k is a fight this weekend with Josh Fremd. That fight will take place on the ESPN+ prelims of UFC Las Vegas on Saturday, which start at 3pm EST.

You can hear the entire audio of this interview at 28:47.