UFC 285: Farid Basharat Maintains Undefeated Status with Narrow Win Over Da’Mon Blackshear

Da'Mon Blackshear and Faried Basharat, UFC 285
Da'Mon Blackshear and Faried Basharat, UFC 285 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Undefeated bantamweight Farid Basharat made his octagon debut at UFC 285 on Saturday, where he faced off with Da’Mon Blackshear.

Both fighters were seeking their first win inside the octagon, as Blackshear had made his own promotional debut last year — fighting to a draw against Youssef Zalal.

The fight began with Blackshear throwing a few different variations of kicks, including a flying side-kick and a low kick. Not long after he tested the waters with a big jump kick up the middle. Again he tried a flying knee but couldn’t find a home. Blackshear caught the leg of Farid and tried to secure himself a takedown but couldn’t secure it fully. Basharat returned the favour, but he managed to secure his single leg takedown attempt. Blackshear tried to secure a sweep whilst Farid had half-guard but Basharat repositioned himself and maintained control. At the end of the round, Basharat attempted a spinning back fist, but it was blocked by Blackshear.

Round two began with Blackshear lifting his front leg threatening kicks whilst also being able to check any kicks coming his way. Basharat snuck in a beautiful spinning body kick that got in just under the elbow of Blackshear. Da’Mon secured himself a takedown and found himself on the back of Basharat straightaway threatening a rear-naked-choke. Farid managed to make it back to his feet not long after though, and landed a takedown of his own. With them both having their own short stints of success in round two, it made it a difficult one to score.

Blackshear began round three on the front foot, with him recognizing he could possibly be behind in the fight. Farid attempted a double leg takedown just a minute into round three, but Blackshear showed grit in his grappling defense making it difficult for Basharat. The undefeated prospect did manage to secure the takedown just moments later though. Farid tried to pass the guard of Blackshear but compromised his own position in the process, allowing Blackshear to make it back to his feet. The aforementioned landed himself a sharp inside leg kick but then questionably decided to shoot for a takedown which was unsuccessful, allowing Basharat to sprawl and then subsequently secure a takedown of his own. With around 10 seconds left, Blackshear threw up a crazy triangle attempt and had it sunk in deep, unfortunately for him though, there just wasn’t enough time left.

Official Result: Farid Basharat def. Da’Mon Blackshear by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)