Sunday MMA Quick Hits: Bellator Extends BBC Deal, Strickland vs. BKFC

Sean Strickland, UFC
Sean Strickland, UFC 276 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins. Credit: Alex Behunin/CagesidePress

Sean Strickland got into a Twitter beef with BKFC because of course he did, while Nate Marquardt got taken to task for homophobic tweets. It’s a wonder any fighter bothers with social media these days, but Miranda Maverick and Jasmine Jasudavicius showed how to use it correctly following the latter’s UFC Vegas 70 bout on Saturday night. Plus, Bellator extended its broadcast deal with the BBC, and more. The Sunday MMA Quick Hits are here again!

Strickland Calls Out BKFC, Promotion Claps Back

Sean Strickland had a point when he called out BKFC for signing over the hill UFC fighters. Really, that has kind of been their business model. But being honest, he took an L on this one.

Marquardt Takes Heat for Homophobic Tweets

Nate Marquardt took offense to an advertisement during UFC Vegas 69 that showed two men kissing. Conveniently forgetting that every remote control has an off button and option to change channel (or, if you’re streaming, you know, hit that little X to let your voice be heard), he opted to voice his disgust on Twitter.

The end result… did not go well for Marquardt, especially when the former Strikeforce champ and UFC title challenger doubled down, suggesting that those guilty of homosexuality and fornication deserved death.

Seriously. Death. We’re dubious that Nate Marquardt is living the life of a celibate priest, but even if he is — tone it down a bit there, Nate.

Since Marquardt is no longer an active fighter, he doesn’t need to worry about being cancelled. That said, Nate should probably remember that in the real world, you’re going to come across things you don’t like and people different than you. It’s not all that hard to avoid them if you really need to (again, just turn it off), instead of saying they’re “worthy of death.” For someone saying people need Jesus, he sure forgot the whole “do unto others” thing.

William Knight Gets Death Threats from “Fans” After UFC Vegas 69

It cannot be said enough: if you are the type of dirtbag who sends death threats to athletes because they “let you down,” or cost you money betting, or because your life is just that empty — kindly leave the sport. Leave all sports.

After a downright puzzling lack of action in his fight with Marcin Pracnio at UFC Vegas 69, William Knight says he’s received threats on his life.

“In life, human beings aren’t perfect, but I’m taking ownership of my actions, because I didn’t do sh*t. Exactly what happened. I stood there, I froze, and I take full responsibility. I know what I must do for my next fight,” Knight said in a video to fans.

“All these crazy inboxes of threats, all these inboxes of disrespect, I get it. Y’all have a right to be angry. I read messages, y’all threatening my life, y’all talking crazy saying I don’t belong in the UFC, all this other stuff,” he added. “But when I was undefeated for three years, y’all were riding the wave, when I entered the UFC undefeated, y’all were riding the wave, when I made my debut the same [month] I won my second Contender Series [appearance], two fights in one month, y’all were riding the wave. I get it. I understand. At the end of the day, I have my legit followers, my legit fans, my legit people. I have you guys. For the rest of you that were just here for the ride to watch me fall, you got what you wanted it. I get it. I’m good. I’m not bothered by it.”

Knight was cut by the UFC this past week.

Bellator MMA Extends Broadcast Deal with BBC

Bellator will remain on the BBC for the foreseeable future. Promotion officials announced the extension of their broadcast deal this week, a multi-year agreement that will see all Bellator events available on the BBC iPlayer in 2023 and beyond.

The deal arrives just as the promotion returned to Europe for Bellator 291 in Dublin, Ireland this weekend.


This is absolutely the type of freakshow fight you would have seen back in PRIDE. Spain’s Dogfight Wild Tournament pitted a bantamweight against a heavyweight in Raymison “Formiga” Bruno vs. Roger Dalet, with the latter playing the role of Goliath next to Bruno’s diminutive David.

The coolest part of this match-up? David wins via submission after getting the giant down (h/t MMA Fighting and Grabaka Hitman).

Miranda Maverick calls out Jasmine Jasudavicius, Gets Positive Response

Lost in the chaos that was Saturday’s UFC Vegas 70 card, which had multiple fights cancelled during fight week and its main event cancelled while the card was already underway, were some very strong showings from the Canadian contingent.

Team Canada went 2-1 on the night, and considering that Ontario’s Mike Malott fought (and submitted) Quebec’s Yohan Lainesse, that’s the best they could have done.

The other big Canadian winner at UFC Vegas 70 was Jasmine Jasudavicius, Malott’s Niagara Top Team teammate. She looked dominant against Gabriella Fernandes, a former LFA champ making her promotional debut.

Now 2-1 in the UFC, Jasudavicius is starting to get some attention — and Miranda Maverick called her out following the bout. Seems like Jasudavicius is game, and if their timetable lines up, this is an easy fight to book.