KSW 79: De Fries vs. Duffee 2 Weigh-In Results

Phil De Fries and Todd Duffee, KSW 79
Phil De Fries and Todd Duffee, KSW 79 weigh-in Credit: KSW

A massive heavyweight main event accompanies KSW to the Czech Republic this Saturday, where KSW 79 goes down at the Home Credit Arena in Liberec.

In a rematch over a decade in the making, Phil De Fries will look to make his eighth consecutive title defense opposite the returning Todd Duffee. The pair first met in 2012, when Duffee knocked out De Fries inside of a round at UFC 155.

Since then, the duo have travelled very different paths. Duffee has fought in fits and starts, struggling with injury and illness including Parsonage–Turner, a knee injury, and an MRSA infection. He last competed in 2019, in a bout with Jeff Hughes at UFC Vancouver that ended in a No Contest due to an eye poke.

De Fries, meanwhile, has stayed busy, winning ten straight fights dating back to 2017 and defending his KSW heavyweight championship a stunning seven times. Arguably one of the best heavyweights outside the UFC, De Fries has a rare chance for vengeance in the KSW 79 main event — where he’ll look to show just how much he has evolved as a fighter.

Former UFC heavyweight Daniel Omielanczuk will also be in action on Saturday, looking to pick up his second straight victory.

Full results from Friday’s KSW 79 weigh-in can be found below. The event takes place Saturday, February 25, 2023 in Librec, Czech Republic at the Home Credit Arena, streaming live via KSWTV.com.

KSW 79 Weigh-In Results

Main Event
KSW Heavyweight Title
Champion Phil De Fries (120 kg/265 lb) vs. Todd Duffee (109 kg/240 lb)

Co-Main Event
Dominik Humburger (84 kg/185 lb) vs. Jorge Bueno (84.3 kg/186 lb)

Arek Wrzosek (107.2 kg/236 lb) vs. Tomáš Možný (120.6 kg/266 lb)

Daniel Omielanczuk (114.8 kg/253 lb) vs. Michal Kita (108.3 kg/239 lb)

Brian Hooi (77 kg/170 lb) vs. Jivko Stoimenov (77.1 kg/170 lb)

Andreas Gustafsson (84.1 kg/185 lb) vs. David Hosek (84.3 kg/186 lb)

Catchweight 68.5 kg | 151 lb
Ramzan Jembiev (68.5 kg/151 lb) vs. Murilo Delfino (68.5 kg/151 lb)

Catchweight 59kg | 130lb 
Natalia Baczynska (59 kg/130 lb) vs. Petra Castkova (58.8 kg/130 lb)

Middleweight – First Fight
Frederico Komuenha (84.4 kg/186 lb) vs. Matyas Viszlay (84.1 kg/185 lb)


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