UFC Vegas 70: Yohan Lainesse says “When I Touch, People Fall”, Expects Victory Over Malott

Las Vegas, NV – Coming off his first UFC victory welterweight Yohan Lainesse returns at UFC Vegas 70 where he faces Mike Malott on Saturday night at the UFC APEX.

“Happy to be (here). My (third) fight in Las Vegas, I did Contender Series, I did two fights with the UFC so I feel like I’m at home,” Lainesse told reporters on Wednesday.

“This is business. We are here to work. I’m here, I train, I sleep. Recovery…just all that stuff. I keep it simple I’m just focused on fighting and winning on Saturday night.”

Lainesse (9-1) has been off since his last fight in Sept. 2022 where he defeated Darian Weeks at UFC 279.

“It was a good time (away) for me. I’m the kind of guy who when the last like two or three years I (fought) a lot. I was with CFFC organization, I fight like 4 times in 1 year, I did Contender Series so I was happy about the time (off),” Lainesse said.

Lainesse faces Mike Malott at UFC Vegas 70 on the main card portion of the event.

“Oh man. When you’re in the UFC you can’t run away. I think we are a good matchup. He’s 8-1-1 and I’m 9-1. We are two prospects in the division of welterweight. Two finishers so I think for the UFC it’s an amazing matchup,” he said.

“We’re going to put on a good show I’m pretty sure.”

Lainesse is aware of Malott’s quick starts in fights, but it’s something he’s been training for.

“I know he starts strong. I know he’s a finisher like I said. He starts strong in the first round, but it’s pretty risky to start strong with me. Because in the first round I’m very dangerous too. Mike has 8 (finishes), but 8 of that are by submission. In 9 finishes I’m 6 knockouts,” Lainesse said.

“I know he get knocked out before. I know he’s (gets) touched when he fights. When I touch, people fall, so pretty sure I’m going to win.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Yohan Lainesse above. Lainesse faces Mike Malott at UFC Vegas 70 on Saturday night at the UFC APEX.