UFC 284: Jack Della Maddalena Looks To Put On Masterclass Against Brown

Perth – UFC welterweight Jack Della Maddalena looks to put on a show for the fans in his hometown of Perth when he takes on Randy Brown at UFC 284 on Saturday night.

“I’m feeling good you know, I’m focused, in my hometown feels like another day. I’m ready to fight. I’m ready to put on a good fight for the crowd,” Maddalena told reporters on Wednesday.

“It’s been nice just to be able to go home, and spend time with the family and not have to then go upstairs to a hotel room. Feels a little bit different, but yeah I’m in the zone now. It feels like a fight. I feel like there’s a fight on the horizon.”

Maddalena will face a tough test in long time UFC welterweight Randy Brown who is one of the taller and rangier guys in the division.

“Yeah he’s a good challenging opponent. He’s extremely tall. He’s been in the game a lot. Fought some of the top guys in the division. I’m excited to challenge myself. I think I can beat him and yeah that’s what I’m coming to do,” Maddalena said.

Ultimately the win is the important thing and fighting at home with friends and family in the crowd against a challenging opponent will just be part of Maddalena’s rise up the ranks.

“My plan is to put on a masterclass. Go in there not be hit, and damage Randy from the get go,” Maddalena said.

“I want to go down as one of the, probably, one of the smoothest movers in the game.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Jack Della Maddalena above. Maddalena takes on Randy Brown at UFC 284 on Saturday night.