UFC Vegas 68: Point Deduction Leads to Draw in Doo-ho Choi vs. Kyle Nelson

Doo-Ho Choi and Kyle Nelson, UFC Vegas 68
Doo-Ho Choi and Kyle Nelson, UFC Vegas 68 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

After an extended layoff, South Korea’s Doo-Ho Choi returned to action at UFC Vegas 68 on Saturday (or early Sunday for east coast viewers), where he was welcomed by Canadian Kyle Nelson.

The match-up afforded Choi a bit of a chance for revenge, as The Korean Superboy’s last fight was a loss to another Canadian in Charles Jourdain.

Nelson opened the fight with a thunderous takedown in the opening minute. Choi would try to wall walk up, only for Nelson to pull his legs out from under him.

Choi then tried to post up but he gave up his back. Nelson was in kind of an awkward spot against the fence, trying to get hooks in. He almost flattened Choi out before coming over the top. Superboy was then on top! He had a fair bit of time to work, but struggled to find an opening. As time passed, Choi was still trying to set something up with a minute to go. Looking for the crucifix from side control, Choi couldn’t get in position. Instead, Nelson got half-guard back. Choi was working over the body and mixing in the odd blow to the head as the round came to a close.

Round two opened with Kyle Nelson on the attack, care of a front kick, later a body kick, then some hooks that hit home. Choi was hurt, but maintained composure. Nelson then nearly gave up position on a stuffed takedown attempt. He escaped, and was later tied up along the fence by Choi. Doo-Ho Choi hit an elbow off the break. Choi would also began chopping at Nelson’s leg.

Later in the frame, Choi caught Nelson with a right hand, but Nelson fired back a leg kick, returning the favor from earlier. Both fighters were all-in.

Round three saw Kyle Nelson immediately shoot for a takedown. Just when it seemed like Choi would break free of a bodylock, however, Nelson adjusted his grip, changed levels, and sat Choi down. Choi worked back up, but Nelson ate a full two minutes off the clock and finished that with an emphatic takedown.

Choi managed to get on top however, and just when it looked like he could steal back the round, a clash of heads brought the ref in. With Choi the perpetrator, albeit unintentionally, the ref took a point — and the position. Back underway, Nelson went right into a single-leg takedown. Choi refused to go down or go away quietly, smashing down elbows as Nelson pursued the takedown attempt. They’d end there — and as expected, the point deduction loomed large. The end result was a majority draw, with two of the judges giving Nelson a round, plus the extra point.

The foul cost Choi the win in his return, though he did halt a three-fight losing streak.

Official Result: Doo-Ho Choi vs. Kyle Nelson ends in a Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)