UFC Vegas 68: Devin Clark Outduels Da Un Jung, Announces He’s Getting a Puppy

Da Un Jung and Devin Clark, UFC Vegas 68
Da Un Jung and Devin Clark, UFC Vegas 68 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Da Un Jung entered UFC Vegas 68 coming off of his first UFC loss and first loss overall since 2015 after ranked light-heavyweight Dustin Jacoby knocked the Korean out in his last fight. Still, he was 4-1 in the promotion. Devin Clark meanwhile had racked up a perfectly even UFC record of 7-7, and had fought a who’s who of the 205lb division including his loss to currently ranked Azamat Murzakanov in his last fight.

Saturday night had the potential to be a big night for both men.

When the bout started Clark immediately threw a right hand and stepped into the clinch with Jung, looking for a takedown. Jung eventually reversed it and got the outside position before tripping Clark, getting the rear body lock as a result. He dragged Clark around the octagon trying to pull him down. Jung got him to his knees a few times but Devin immediately stood back up, but he could not clear the body lock until two minutes left in the fight. At that point, Da Un Jung landed two big elbows over the top before separating the clinch.

Clark then shot a takedown which almost worked, but Jung used a whizzer to get back to his feet. They both landed on the feet a bit before Clark shot another takedown. This time Jung defended it well, but then ended up on his back in the last thirty seconds after failing a takedown of his own. Clark attacked with short ground and pound until the end of the round.

The start of the second round saw the fighters trade leg kicks to open. Jung attempted a flying knee, at which point Devin Clark promptly double legged him to the mat, hard. Jung was then able to turn the corner and get the rear body-lock when Clark tried to advance. Clark stood up and tried to free himself from the grasp of Jung. Clark got free but jumped back to the clinch, taking the outside position for a time until Jung reversed it. Jung broke off with another massive elbow, but this one missed. Clark then landed a big overhand right which Jung’s chin absorbed cleanly.

Devin would often retreat slowly and not produce much offense except during his periodic explosions, which he soon did again for a takedown which Jung defended. He maintained an outside clinch position but did little damage for the rest of the round.

Both of the first rounds had been close, so round three was all-important. Jung came out and jabbed Clark backwards to the fence. Clark responded with a takedown attempt which was stopped early. Clark broke the ensuing clinch with two good left hands, and then had another takedown attempt pushed aside. One more takedown attempt got him into a clinch situation, which Jung used to trip Clark to his back. Jung settled in top half guard. Clark eventually turned to his belly. When Jung went to take the back, he fell over the top and allowed Clark to end up in the rear body-lock.

Jung was able to spin into him and get back to striking, where Clark was having an advantage. Jung clinched up again. He tried for a double collar tie knee but never pulled the trigger on the actual knee so Clark pulled away, landed an elbow, then shot a takedown. Jung stuffed it and got back to striking. The last thirty seconds were clinch-work and dirty boxing as Jung landed a spinning elbow on the break and Clark responded with a left hook. Unexpectedly, given his troubles with cardio in the past, Devin Clark looked the much fresher fighter in the last ten seconds when he released the clinch, swung haymakers against a visibly exhausted Jung, and then landed a power double leg at the bell.

When the scorecards were read it was Devin Clark who got the decision, with all three judges giving him all three rounds. He then revealed that his wife said he could get a puppy if he won, and that he wants a golden retriever. If he’s serious, he wins the night, with that feelgood moment perking fans up in the wee hours of the morning.

Official Result: Devin Clark def. Da Un Jung by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)