Scott Coker Shoots Down Dillon Danis Purse Claim, Welcomes Him to “Come Fight” for Bellator

Dillon Danis Bellator MMA
Dillon Danis Credit: Bellator MMA

No, Bellator MMA does not take a cut of Dillon Danis’ purse, should he ever choose to actually compete in the sweet science.

Danis made the claim ahead of a would-be boxing match scheduled against Youtuber KSI last month. According to the jiu-jitsu notable, Danis’ purse was going to have a significantly large amount subtracted by the promotion for allowing him to compete outside their confines.

A “hefty fee,” is how he put in on The MMA Hour.

Not so, says Bellator CEO Scott Coker, speaking to Cageside Press in a media scrum on Wednesday.

“Listen, Dillon Danis said we take money from his purse, we don’t take money from his purse. Okay? Let’s make that very clear,” Coker stated.

Despite his obvious frustration with the would-be fighter, Coker at least appears willing to give Danis, 2-0 in Bellator, another shot at competing. “I talked to his management the other day, and I keep asking them, what do you guys really want to do? Really, it’s up to you guys. We can’t make you come fight.”

“But we also have to have realistic expectations,” Coker added. “I could go into an hour discussion about Dillon, but look. We’re a fight company. You want to come fight? Come fight. And it’s that simple to me. You already have a contract in place, let’s pick a date, pick an opponent, and let’s go. Or, let’s move on. That’s it.”

Danis ultimately pulled out of the KSI match, despite claiming he’d be making more money than almost anyone in MMA.