UFC Vegas 68’s Adam Fugitt: Feeling Like the Prospect Gatekeeper

Adam Fugitt, LFA 51
Adam Fugitt, LFA 51 Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

For the second straight time, the UFC has brought a name to oregonian fighter, Adam Fugitt. And for the second straight time, that fighter is barely old enough to drink. After a fight with virtually zero notice against Michael Morales, he finds himself with another hot prospect in front of him in Yasaku Kinoshita.

In respect to these bookings with the highly-touted up-and-comers, Fugitt doesn’t mind much.

“I can’t say anything except for that I kind of feel like a gatekeeper for these guys coming in, but that doesn’t bother me so much,” Fugitt explained. “I know my place right now, and all I can do is go in there and put on a show and show guys that I want to work my way up the ladder.”

This fight will at least come with a lot more time to prepare. The full fight camp has allowed him to get his eyes on some of the most recent fights of Kinoshita, and he sees a lot of similarities to his last opponent.

“I’ve done some research. I’ve watch most of his fights or at least what I could find. I watched his Contender Series fight,” he said. “Another super athletic kid who has a lot of trust and belief in his hands and his power.”

But while the last one didn’t quite end his way, he’s got a better feeling about this one. Not only is he looking to go in there and cash in for his first UFC victory in a hype-stealing opportunity, he also feels he can do so emphatically.

“I keep telling everybody that I want to get the KO and I do – I want to go in there and put on a performance,” Fugitt said. “But really, I looking for the finish – anyway I can get it. I want to be known as an entertaining fighter.”

Fugitt’s fight with Yasaku Kinoshita takes place at UFC Vegas 68 this weekend. The fight will air as part of the main card which starts at 1am EST Sunday morning on ESPN+.

You can hear the entire audio of this interview at 26:52.