Phil Baroni Arrested In Mexico, Charged With Murder Of Girlfriend

Phil Baroni, ONE Championship
Phil Baroni. Credit: ONE Championship

San Pancho, Nayarit – Former MMA fighter Phil Baroni has been arrested in Mexico and charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

The arrest was reported by Tribuna De La Bahia on Monday.

According to Tribuna De La Bahia Baroni, 46, allegedly killed his girlfriend while in San Pancho.

Baroni allegedly flagged down police who were patrolling the neighborhood and told them that his girlfriend was unconscious and needed help.

When the police arrived on scene they found a naked woman on a bed covered by a bed sheet. Upon further inspection they found her to have injuries consistent with punches, bruises on her face, and body. She had no vital signs.

When interviewed by police Baroni told them that around 3pm, while smoking marijuana and drinking beer, his girlfriend revealed to him that she had cheated on him with another man. The woman, identified only as Paola, 46, refused to shower when Baroni demanded she do so.

He then allegedly threw her into the shower where she fell and hit her head. Baroni said he helped her back to her feet and to the bed where she asked for a bed sheet because she was cold. She then asked him for cigarettes and beer which he got for her.

When he returned he laid down in bed with her and that’s when he realized she was unconscious. He allegedly attempted to wake her up, but realized she had no vital signs.

Baroni was arrested by the State Tourist Police and is being held by the Municipal Court of Valle De Banderas.

Photos have been released by the outlet Observando En La Bahia of Baroni speaking to police.

Phil Baroni speaking to police in Mexico
Phil Baroni speaking to police in Mexico. Credit: Observando En La Bahia
Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni’s hands when speaking to police. Credit: Observando En La Bahia.

Baroni is now under investigation and identification of the victim is pending an autopsy and notification of next of kin.

Baroni spent his career jumping from promotion to promotion. He fought under the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship banners before retiring in 2019. The last known record of Baroni competing was a boxing match in Dec 2021 in Mexico.

Baroni recently tweeted that he was living in Mexico.