Looking Ahead: Top Fights to Make in Mixed Martial Arts in 2023

Francis Ngannou UFC
Francis Ngannou, UFC 270 press conference Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Going into 2023, several returning veterans are expected to headline the biggest events possible while new stars will have a chance to shine on the big stage.

Another year has come and gone in the world of mixed martial arts, and it has been arguably one of the best in the history of the sport.  With multiple titles changing hands and new stars emerging to join familiar ones, the options going into the new year are plentiful.

Notably, 2022 provided three out of five of the entries from last year’s list.  Going into the new year, longtime veterans lead the way with two bouts involving former title holders returning to action making the list.  A non-title women’s bout also makes this cut where the stakes may extend further than a single championship belt.  Finally, an unexpected debutant takes their place high on the list on the sheer strength of the intrigue surrounding the athlete finally entering the cage.