UFC Vegas 66: Matthew Semelsberger Likens Style To NFL Defensive Legends

Las Vegas, NV – UFC welterweight Matthew Semelsberger got back in the win column when he scored a decision victory over Jake Matthews at UFC Vegas 66 on Saturday night.

“My calf, my left calf, is throbbing right now. My right foot hurts a little bit, and my right hand hurts a little bit, but other than that I’m pretty good,” Semelsberger told Cageside Press among other media at his post-fight scrum.

Semelsberger (11-4) earned a tough decision victory after a three-round war with Matthews which saw “Semi The Jedi” drop Matthews repeatedly during the fight. He his fight style to some big names in professional football.

With 7 knockdowns in 7 fights it’s no wonder he fights with such intensity.

“Pretty wild man, but at the same time I take it from my football career. I was like idolized Sean Taylor, idolized like these Brian Dawkins, these hard-hitting defensive players that just went out and there and just laid their bodies on the line man. If I can do that every fight, that’d be like my style that I want to put out there,” said Semelsberger.

“Happy (with the performance) for sure. Not satisfied, but very happy with myself for turning it around after that so-so not great performance last fight. Then coming in here putting in a lot of work for this last training camp.”

With it being the last UFC card of the year Semelsberger rated his 2022.

“I give myself probably like a B maybe. Maybe like a B – or something like that. I don’t like to give myself too much credit because…there’s a side of me that wants to be like ‘You’re the champ! You’re great!’ which is good. You need that positivity, but at the same time you’ve got to like roll yourself back and I’ve been more of the roll myself back,” he said.

What’s next for Semeslberger?

“I’m not big on call outs man. I think as I kind of keep getting experience I’m going to probably start chirping a little bit more and start putting names out there and stuff like that, but at the same time man I could die tomorrow and never fight again. We’ll see. I’ve always loved all the that UFC has offered me. Every person that they’ve thrown at me I’ve enjoyed the challenge.,” Semelsberger said.

“Whoever they want to throw at me…I haven’t had any welterweights call me out yet, so maybe I’ll get a call out from somebody and we’ll see if they want to dance. Maybe after this fight i’ll start getting some people calling me out.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Matthew Semelsberger above.