UFC Vegas 66: Bobby Green Reveals Career Advice Nate Diaz Gave Him

Bobby Green was hanging out with Nate Diaz and his crew before his last fight [at UFC 279], when the subject of some of Green’s career highlights came up. That led to some sage advice from the Stockton star.

“We were talking, and somebody got brought up,” Green (29-13-1) recalled. “‘Oh Clay Guida, I beat that guy on like three week’s notice.’ ‘Oh yeah, Josh ‘The Punk’ Thompson, I beat that guy on like two weeks’ notice.’ And then they brought up Al Iaquinta, I’m like ‘yeah I knocked that guy out.’ They didn’t know.”

“Nate told me this. Every time I get to chill with Nate, I soak up every minute around him. He always says some dope-ass dimes he drops for me,” Green continued. “He’s like ‘tell your story. Nobody will know. If you don’t tell your story, no one will know. They’re going to tell it for you. And they’re going to say ‘oh you’re a journeyman. Oh you’re a gatekeeper, oh he’s this, oh he’s that. No, no, tell your story.'”

And so Green did just that during this week’s UFC Vegas 66 media day.

“My story is, I’ve been stepping up here and doing the same thing consistently. Given Fights of the Night. I’ve won so many Fights of the Night, and blah blah blahs, because this is what I do, guys. Somebody called me boring, it’s like what? Stop.”

Earlier, Green took those taking criticizing him for failing a drug test — the result of taking over-the-counter DHEA — to task.

“I’ve been chastised, I’ve been villainized, I’ve been any more of those ‘ized’ I can come up with. I’ve been scrutinized, talking about this, that, drugs,” exclaimed Green. “Drugs? I fought everybody, I think maybe two people with more than 30 days. There’s no way I could be on drugs. Don’t play with my name. I’m not that guy.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 66 media day appearance by Bobby Green above. Green faces Drew Dober this Saturday, December 17, 2022 at the UFC Apex.