Ref Marc Goddard Gives Insight on Staying Sharp: “You’re Married to This Game”

Las Vegas, NV — Marc Goddard has become one of the best-known referees in mixed martial arts, picking up this year’s trophy for Referee of the Year at the 14th Annual World MMA Awards.

He’s covered some of the biggest fights, traversed the globe, and has built a reputation as one of the best in the game. So just how has he stayed sharp over the years?

“The actual practice, the practical element of the job, for myself, fortunately I’m very blessed, it comes week after week actually on the job. But it doesn’t end there,” Goddard told Cageside Press at this year’s World MMA Awards ceremony.

“When I’m not reffing fights, I’m probably watching fights. When I’m not watching fights, I could be judging fights. I could be looking at things that I’ve done before, looking at whole fights,” he explained. “When you’ve been doing it for so long, you’re married to this game, you’re immersed in it, and you’re constantly — it’s not just about turning up in a particular event or a particular country, doing your job. Of course fundamentally what we do, but outside of that, I teach a lot of seminars as well, globally, for the international federation. It’s a continual thing.”

“Switching off from it’s a problem. Switching on from it is not the problem, it’s switching off from it that’s the problem.”

Hear what ref Marc Goddard had to say in the video clip above.