UFC 282: Chris Curtis Still Wants Hermansson Rematch


Las Vegas, NV – The showdown at middleweight between Chris Curtis and Joaquin Buckley at UFC 282 lived up to the hype as Curtis scored the 2nd round KO victory on Saturday night.

“Part of me was like I wonder if he’s really going to shoot, but I was like ‘Meet me in the middle’ he’s like ‘Yeah, let’s go’ I was like oh sh*t this is happening! Didn’t expect it to actually happen, but when it did I was like oh this is great,” Curtis told Cageside Press among other media at his post-fight scrum.

Curtis (30-9) was able to take advantage of his opponent throwing wild and heavy techniques at times including when he landed the shot that resulted in the KO win.

“We knew that he was going to do a lot of stuff. He’s like one of the most athletic dudes you’re going to see like running around doing stuff. He’s got that super highlight reel of doom that will never go away, but we knew that we weren’t going to be faster than him off the rip,” Curtis said.

“We knew that he hits like a truck, but we just had to expect that hey be patient, don’t worry about the flash. Just stay the course, and just drown him in deep water.”

The win and everything under his belt Curtis still can’t let go of one thing. The Jack Hermansson loss.

“Oh hell no, I’m still furious. Who do you want next? I’m like Jack Hermansson. They’re like why he just lost, I’m like I don’t care. I have to get it back. At this point guys I’ll fight Jack Hermansson every week. If he beats me every time I’ll keep coming back next week until I win one,” Curtis said.

“Then i’ll be satisfied.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Chris Curtis above.


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