UFC 282: Raul Rosas Jr Says Perrin Is Just Like Everybody Else, Will Win Impressively

Las Vegas, NV – The youngest UFC fighter ever looks to make a massive statement at UFC 282 when Raul Rosas Jr. meets Jay Perrin inside the octagon on Saturday night.

Rosa Jr. (6-0) came into the UFC with a whole lot of hype and followed up with a good showing at Dana White’s Contender series in September. Fast-forward to this week and the young man is already speaking like a seasoned veteran.

“It’s just another day because it’s a different cage, different arena, but still one guy. I’m fighting just one guy. Same opponent, same as others, it’s a different name but he’s the same from everybody,” Rosas Jr. told Cageside Press among other media.

“There’s nothing different from that.”

Rosas Jr. isn’t walking around like a rookie or a fighter making his big numbered UFC event debut. The hype, the entourage, the attention has still caught the young fighter a little bit off guard.

“(This) was more than I anticipated, but I’m getting used to it. At first it was a little, like, I wasn’t used to it. But now I’m used to it and now it feels more normal. At first it was a little like awkward for me, but now it feels more normal,” he said.

He takes on Perrin (10-6) who didn’t get any favors coming into the UFC getting two very tough fights as his welcome to the promotion, and now faces Rosas Jr.

“I don’t think there’s nothing in his game that stands out so I’m just going to go out there and prove it on Saturday night that there’s levels to this, like I said. Somehow he’s got into the UFC, but Saturday night I’m just going to get the job done and finish him,” he said.

Rosas Jr. has said that he wants to become the youngest UFC champion ever saying he’d like to be champion by the time he’s 20-years-old.

“Saturday night what I’m going to do is I’m going to go out there and not only…for me it’s not only winning this fight on Saturday night. It’s about going out there and making a statement. So just to prove a point that I’m ready to face higher level competition. So I’m just going to show everybody that I’m levels above. The key to this fight is not only winning this fight, but also I’m going to win impressively,” said Rosas Jr.

“To show that I’m ready to fight higher level competition.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Raul Rosas Jr. above. He takes on Jay Perrin at UFC 282 on Dec.3rd at T-Mobile Arena.