UFC Orlando: High Output of Angela Hill Too Much for Emily Ducote

Angela Hill and Emily Ducote, UFC Orlando
Angela Hill and Emily Ducote, UFC Orlando weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Strawweight action at UFC Orlando on Saturday saw a pair of former Invicta FC champions face off, as Angela Hill faced off with Emily Ducote.

Ducote had made her debut earlier this year, picking up a win over Jessica Penna, while “Overkill” Hill remained one of the promotion’s busiest fighters.

Hill was traditionally busy in terms of output in her fights as well, and showed a number of stance switches in the early going against Ducote. Hill worked in a number of kicks as the pair circled one another, Hill working her jab. Ducote threw a few combos, but wasn’t super busy while Hill started to load up on her punches a little more. By the end of the round, Ducote was on her heels, being chased down by “Overkill.”

Round two saw the strawweight pair clinch up early, with Hill putting on the pressure. Hill was out-striking Ducote, in terms of volume, by at least a two-to-one margin, and was certainly landing more of significance. An elbow connected over the top. Ducote circled on the outside, and with just under two minutes in the round, she tried to change levels and land a takedown. Hill stuffed that, and fired a knee in the clinch.

Continuing to walk Ducote down, Hill was crisp in her striking, light on her feet, and pulling ahead, no doubt, on the scorecards. In a clinch, more knees connected, capped off with an elbow over the top.

A finish would almost certainly be a necessity for Ducote come round three. Once again, however, it was the intrepid Hill who has marching forward, throwing hands. Ducote, as she had throughout the fight, did fire back — but too often, she was on the back foot, or circling, while Hill controlled the action.

Even when Ducote ripped the body, she seemed to struggle to follow up. Hill, in answer, threw a kick to the ribs. Hill was forward momentum personified, Ducote stymied unable to find an opening or get any offense going consistently. A left hook landed for Hill, then a kick; Ducote connected with a leg kick. Hill clinched up again, fired knees, and once again, capped off the sequence with an elbow up top. Another clinch followed, with more big knees. This time, Ducote got in a knee of her own before they broke. Hill then broke out a flying knee, but didn’t land it clean. Another clinch, however, paid dividends once again.

The crowd was fully behind the action as the clock wore down, giving a strong showing of approval to Hill’s performance.

Official Result: Angela Hill def. Emily Ducote by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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