Jake Paul Calls Out Nate Diaz, Canelo, Then Sends Message To Dana White

Glendale, AZ – Following his victory of MMA legend Anderson Silva, Jake Paul called out another MMA great in the form of Nate Diaz at his post-fight press conference on Saturday night.

Speaking to Cageside Press, among other media, Paul went after Diaz following an altercation that went down earlier in the night between Diaz’s team and his own.

“Nate Diaz was here acting like a b*tch. Everyone wants that fight. He tried to fight people in the hallway. Nate, stop fighting people for free, let’s do it in the ring ok? I know you’re a little slow buddy, but it’s ok we can make that fight happen,” Paul said.

Cageside Press was on hand to capture part of the backstage altercation between Team Diaz and Team Paul.

Paul was reportedly unaware of the incident before his fight, but was informed following the end of the main event.

“I haven’t seen the video and I didn’t really know what happened. I just know there was an altercation with my team. I was focused on what was going on, but I was made aware of it afterwards and it’s typical of him. That’s what he likes to do. He’s a street gangster,” said Paul.

“He likes to act tough and he’s really not. Why you trying to beat someone up in the hallway bro?”

Paul also called out Canelo Alvarez who is coming off a decision victory of Gennady Golovkin.

“You too Canelo. You’re getting old. You looked weird against GGG. I still want that fight as well. And I think now, I said it 18-months ago ‘I want Canelo!’ I was sitting in a room just like this and everyone was like ‘haha, f*cking idiot’. Now 18-months later here we are and when I say that maybe people are taking it a little bit more seriously now,” he said.

“I still meant it, and I still want that fight.”

One other person on Paul’s mind was UFC president Dana White who made it clear he has grown tired of answering questions about Paul.

“Dana! Dana! Dana! Bro….you said I wouldn’t do this and I did it. And with flying colors. He’s in hiding. He’s trying to do everything he can to stop my run, to sabotage my fight, he hates me. He hates me, he hates what I’m doing, he hates I’m exposing his business and now…we’re going to band together (he and Anderson Silva) and create a united fighter’s association,” Paul said.

“To help UFC fighters, all MMA fighters, and boxers to get more fighter pay, longterm healthcare. That’s a big undertaking that I’ve been wanting to do for the whole time of my career. So man, Dana White can suck this d*ck.”

Watch the entire post-fight press conference with Jake Paul above.