Sunday MMA Quick Hits: Text From White Saves Jose Aldo’s Son, Frank Mir Wants to Share Card with Daughter

Frank Mir
Frank Mir weighs in ahead of the inaugural Triad Combat event. November 26, 2021 Photo: Amanda Westcott/Triller

A text from Dana White helped save the life of Dana White’s son, Frank Mir wants to share a card with daughter Bella for his retirement fight, and Greg Hardy makes his boxing debut. All that and more in this edition of the Sunday MMA Quick Hits!

Greg Hardy KO’s Vastly Undersized Opponent in Boxing Debut

This one just missed the cut-off for last week’s Sunday MMA Quick Hits column. So you have likely seen this by now, but on the off chance you have not, well, Greg Hardy has transitioned from MMA to midget boxing.

Wait, that’s a regular-sized human being, just one who happens to be dwarfed by Hardy? Well then. The former NFL player and UFC heavyweight had a massive size advantage in the bout at Black Sheep Boxing’s Delray Fight Night IV. While Hardy was making his boxing debut, his wealth of experience in MMA, where striking was his strong suit, gave him a considerable edge against Mike Cook. Cook was outsized, outgunned, and inexperienced in comparison. The result was basically what we all expected.

Frank Mir Wants Retirement Fight on Same Card As Daughter Bella

Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir hasn’t fought since 2019, but he has at least one fight left in him. And he wants it to come on a card with his daughter, Bella, a top prospect in women’s fighting who is currently 3-0 in MMA.

“Next year, I’m going to go ahead and fight again because I want to fight once on the same card as Bella as my last fight,” Mir said recently on Brendan Schaub’s “Thiccc Boy” podcast with Brendan Schaub (h/t MMA Junkie). “She can headline the card. I can open it. How many times is that going to happen in history? Barring lightning striking or a car accident or something retarded, Bella is UFC champ, or champ of whatever league she wants to join. It’s a no-brainer.”

There Are Front Kicks, and Then There’s This

KSW 75 went down on Friday, and lost its main event just days out from the fight. UFC alum Luis Henrique da Silva made up for that, however, with a front kick KO of former light heavyweight champ Tomasz Narkun.

“Frankenstein” made his promotional debut in the fight, and improved his current streak to three straight wins.

Jose Aldo Says Text from Dana White Saved Son’s Life

Recently retired featherweight legend Jose Aldo has revealed that a particularly well-timed text from Dana White, entirely coincidental, helped save his unborn son’s life.

Aldo had reached out to White seeking permission to compete in other combat sports, including boxing, despite having retired from MMA with one fight left on his UFC deal.

Speaking to MMA Fighting last week, Aldo said that White’s positive response, which he showed to his wife, resulted in her blood pressure spiking — and the ensuing trip to hospital consequently saved the life of Jose Aldo III.

Aldo stated that he “…texted Dana on Thursday, and Dana wrote me back thanking me for everything, saying the UFC was always open for me, the [Performance Institute] and everything I needed. He has great affection for me and my family, he was always very close to us.”

“After that emotional message – it wasn’t a boss talking to his employee, it was two people that like each other –, I showed it to [my wife] Vivianne. She was still pregnant at the time and got emotional, her blood pressure went up and we had to go to the hospital. She [went back for some tests and] was admitted to the hospital on Friday. She had preeclampsia and [the blood pressure] went up after Dana’s message.”

Aspen Ladd says UFC Women’s Featherweights Should Look at Their Options

Aspen Ladd was recently released by the UFC after yet another miss at the scales, trying and failing to make the women’s bantamweight limit for a fight against Sara McMann. It was her third time missing weight in the UFC, with all three occurrences leading to a fight being cancelled.

Speaking to The MMA Hour this past Wednesday, Ladd admitted that she cannot make 135lbs consistently “without dying,” and needed to move up in weight. The UFC, however, doesn’t really have a true featherweight division, and she believes the few fighters competing there should look elsewhere.

“I needed to make the move up, and they don’t have an opportunity at 145,” Ladd said. “They have the weight class, but honestly, if you’re a 145er in the UFC, I would recommend if you can go down, do it, and if not, look at your options. It was time to look at mine.”

Liver Kick Goodness

Muin Gafurov is the new LFA bantamweight champ following LFA 144 on Friday. And my oh my did he win that belt in style.