FAC 16’s Elle Wagman Looking To Finish Celine Haga: “I Want To Show Atomweights Can Be Finishers”

Elle Wagman wants to continue to show that atomweights are exciting.

The undefeated Wagman (5-0) returns to action for the third time on October 7 at FAC 16. She faces her toughest test to date as she takes on MMA veteran Celine Haga (13-18).

Wagman is excited about facing Haga and sees her as a perfect next opponent, especially because it has been very tough trying to get matched up on the regional scene.

“Absolutely [this is the perfect next fight]. I mean, I was kind of surprised at how difficult it was to find an opponent, and kudos to her for being willing to make the trip and being willing to take the fight,” Wagman told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “My manager told me he asked like 50 Girls, and like people are under contract, or they don’t want to travel, or you know, they want to fight in their hometown so they can get those ticket sales…So I feel like this is a great step up for me. We actually went after a couple of other girls that have been in the fight game a long time, and I’m hoping that maybe we can do some call-outs after this win to get some tougher competition in there.”

“I think she’s incredibly tough. She won’t go away, and that’s something I haven’t really experienced yet. Like I’ve been in there with tough girls but not girls who have fought at the high level and have survived it, you know, like she has fought very high-level competition. And she has dangerous grappling.”

The 28-year-old is out to prove a point that atomweights can finish fights, something that fans and analysts have criticized about the weight class. So far, she has done a terrific job as she has finished four of her five fights and has finished both of her fights in 2022.

Wagman is looking to finish Haga this weekend and continue to show she is dangerous.

“Man, it’s whatever is available to me, especially at the level I’m fighting right now. Obviously, there are specific things to get ready for when it comes to my opponents, like there’s things to watch out for. But overall, I’m just improving so that I can implement my gameplay wherever it goes,” Wagman said. “If the shot is there, and it’s easy, I’m gonna take it. Like if I’m doing well on the feet, and we’re keeping our range, I’m gonna take that. I’m definitely hunting for another finish. I want to show that I am a dangerous atomweight.”

“There are not a lot of atomweights with the finishing record that I have. And I plan to keep that moving forward; I want to show that atomweights can be finishers.”

Watch the rest of our interview with Elle Wagman above. Wagman vs. Haga goes down this Friday at FAC 16, exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.