Bellator 286: Jeremy Kennedy Wasn’t Sure What Happened To Pico, Wants Carvalho Next

Long Beach, CA – Bellator featherweight Jeremy Kennedy scored the biggest win of his career at Bellator 286 on Saturday night, but it wasn’t the way anybody thought he would have earned it.

Kennedy (18-3) was declared the winner when his opponent, Aaron Pico, injured his shoulder during the fight. In between rounds Pico’s corner tried desperately to pop his shoulder back in place, but the doctor came in and took a look at the injured fighter. After a few minutes of examination and talking to Pico the doctor could not recommend that he continue.

“I was just focused on that first round getting that finish. I could kind of tell as the round was going on the mat return were getting easier and easier. He was giving less resistance. So I thought maybe something was up. I didn’t know,” Kennedy told Cageside Press among other media at his post-fight scrum.

“In between rounds I wasn’t really focusing on him. My coach was right in my ear, grabbing my head, like hey listen this is what we gotta do. Then I kind of looked over the shoulder and I saw them like reefin on his arm. I was like oh damn maybe this isn’t going to go.”

For a moment it looked like Pico’s corner had been able to put the shoulder back in place, but then the doctor said he had a broken clavicle. Kennedy wasn’t privy to the conversation so he had no clue that the fight was about to be called.

“I was expecting a fight. When I stood up off the stool I was fully anticipating a second round. Unfortunate though honestly. You can’t control anything specially with shoulders and you see these injuries all the time,” he said.

Other than the way the fight ended Kennedy said he felt good in the cage against Pico.

“I felt good in there though. I felt the strength and I wish it went more. Specially that first round. I’m typically a bit of a slow starter. When I stood up for that second round I was like itching. I was like I’m just going to balls to the wall at this guy,” Kennedy said.

So now with a huge win over Pico on his resume Kennedy looked ahead at what is next for the 30-year-old featherweight.

“I’m kind of looking for what’s next now. I got one round in 10 months so I want to stay active. That’s my biggest thing, activity. The only thing that I can see announced is that February card,” he said.

Kennedy had a name ready to go.

“I’ve had a lot of history with Pedro (Carvalho). So that’s the one I’m gunning for. Pedro’s probably sitting there shuddering over there in Ireland wishing he didn’t send those tweets, but it is what it is and now he’s got to back that up,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has the name and the place. All that’s left is for Carvalho to accept.

Watch the entire post-fight media scrum with Jeremy Kennedy above.