UFC Paris: Farès Ziam Hurts Figlak Early, Out Grapples Him To Unanimous Decision

Fares Ziam and Michal Figlak, UFC Paris
Fares Ziam and Michal Figlak, UFC Paris Ceremonial Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Debuting at UFC Paris was one of the more interesting prospects out of Cage Warriors of late, lightweight Michal Figlak.

Figlak was paired up with Fares Ziam, a French fighter who had seemingly been let go by the promotional earlier this year, only to sign a new contract with UFC Paris having been announced.

All business for Figlak to start the fight, not touching the gloves and coming forward with combinations. Ziam did a good job keeping it on the outside with some hard leg kicks. A really nice left hook from Ziam and a jab forced Figlak to clinch up. It was Ziam that got a beautiful trip takedown. Figlak got back to his feet and took another leg kick from Ziam. A really nice left hook to the body landed from Ziam. Figlak clinched back up and but Ziam defended a trip and landed on top. Figlak ended the round almost locking in an armbar but Ziam escaped.

In round two the jab of Ziam was looking good. Figlak did get his attention landing a big left hand in a combo. That forced Ziam to shoot on the legs who did get Figlak down off a high crotch. Figlak kept working off his back looking for the sweep or submission but did get back to his feet. Figlak cliched back up with Ziam but took a knee to the body on the way in. Off the break of the clich Ziam landed a nasty spinning elbow. It put Figlak on shaky legs and Figlak held on to a leg. Ziam wasn’t able to close the fight allowing Figlak to see a round three.

In the final round, Ziam stung Figlak early with a heavy outside leg kick. Figlak kept walking forward but was eating straights and leg kicks on the way in. A takedown from Figlak landed but Ziam bounced right back up. Figlak kept clinching up with Ziam but nothing was coming out of it for him. It did work out for Ziam as he got the outside trip takedown. Out of nowhere Figlak scrambled and took the back and mounted Ziam. Unfortunately for Figlak, Ziam reversed himself and ended the round on top.

Official Result: Fares Ziam def. Mike Figlak by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)