DWCS’ Amiran Gogoladze Has Message for Dana White

Amiran Gogoladze Credit: Tapology

The first couple seasons of Dana White’s Contender Series were largely domestic. The vast majority of the fighters came from the US with a heavy reliance on fighters in and around the Vegas area. Lucky for those like Amiran Gogoladze, the series has taken on a much more international flavor as of late. The Georgian will appear on the 5th installment of this season, looking to pick up his contract.

However, although the show has opened up to fighters like Gogoladze, the reality of travelling to the US from parts of he world can still be tough. As a result, the 24-year old will be doing this trip largely by himself.

“It’s the first time I’m leaving Georgia and I’m going alone because there are some issues with my corner,” Gogoladze said through his interpreter. “So when I’m going alone to the US, it motivates me so much.”

That’s not to say that Gogoladze won’t have a corner of any kind. He’s relying on some contacts he has as well as the goodwill of his countrymen to piece one together for Tuesday.

“I have a lot of friends in the US – Georgian friends, also my manager – his fighters will join me in the corner,” he said. “But I hope the Georgian US fighters will help me also.”

Despite these obstacles, Gogoladze knows he was built for this moment. With confidence as high as it can go, he’s ready not just to deliver a big win, but to deliver a message to the UFC’s boss-man.

“When I go to Dana White’s [Contender] Series, I fight there and I win – I’m sure that I’ll win this fight,” Gogoladze stated confidently. “I will go right to Dana White’s eyes and say ‘give me the f*cking contract!”

Gogoladze will attempt to take home that Contract this Tuesday on Dana White’s Contender Series. He’ll fight Darrius Flowers in the co-main event of the evening on ESPN+.

You can listen to the entire audio of this interview at 30:12. 


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