UFC 278: Tyson Pedro Expects Opponent Hunsucker to Have Kill or Be Killed Mentality


Salt Lake City, UT — After nearly four years out of action, light heavyweight Tyson Pedro got back to work this past April with a triumphant KO of Ike Villanueva.

At UFC 278 in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Australia’s Pedro (8-3) will look to repeat that success, this time against former heavyweight Harry Hunsucker.

In regards to his return, Pedro admitted during this week’s UFC 278 media day that “the win wasn’t as important as just getting back in the octagon at that point. It was just about proving to everyone that doubted me and proving to myself that I was supposed to be in there.”

“It was a flood of emotions afterwards, too much for one moment,” he added. “I don’t recommend it.”

This time out, Pedro is trying to remain in the moment. And he refuses to look past his opponent, Hunsucker, who is debuting at 205 pounds this weekend. Despite Hunsucker having fallen to fellow Australians Justin Tafa and Tai Tuivasa.

“A lot of people are putting him out, and his back’s against the wall,” Pedro noted. “If people were doing what they’re doing to him to me, I’d come out firing. So I’ve got to look at it in that aspect. If eveyrone doubted me and told me it was an easy fight, then I’m going to come f*ck you up.”

“He’s a dangerous opponent. Kill or be killed.”

After so much time away, Pedro now gets his second fight of 2022 in a matter of months. So is he making up for lost time?

“I guess you could say that. I should have been doing this the first time around, keeping it active,” Pedro told Cageside Press. “But I’m just trying to get in as many as I can. I wasn’t getting paid for three and a half years, so we’ve gotta get it in. As long as I stay healthy, I always want to fight as much as I can. And sometimes when you get that momentum, you haven’t got to get ready if you stay ready.”

Pedro also appears to be mentally tougher than ever these days.

“You learn a lot about yourself when you sit in a dark room for three and a half years,” he said with a laugh. “It’s just growing mentally, and as a father, it’s changed massively. But still growing every day. Just an appreciation for everything that I’ve got with fighting, and everything that it’s given me.”

Watch the full UFC 278 media day appearance from light heavyweight Tyson Pedro above.


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