UFC Vegas 59: Jamahal Hill Calls Team “The Face of Terror”

Las Vegas, NV — Having vanquished Thiago Silva in the main event of UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday, Jamahal Hill (11-1, 1NC) assembled his entire team around him during the post-fight press conference.

The reason, he told media outlets including Cageside Press, was that potential opponents face not just him, but his team as well. “I’m proud of my team for standing behind me, believing in me, holding their composure, not getting too rattled when I might have got in the fire and things, keeping their instruction on point, keeping everything on point. You face these guys here as much as you face me when you step in there.”

“This is who ya’ll face. You need to see the face of terror,” Hill coninued. “I’m not the only one. The face of terror is my entire team. People always talk, ‘I wonder where he trains, I wonder where he’s at, should he move here?’ You see them, you should fear seeing me knowing I’m not too far behind, you feel me?”

On his performance as a whole, which saw Hill finish Santos via TKO in the fourth round — that on a night with a 100% finish rate between ten fights — Hill was happy, though he knows there’s room for improvement. Still, “I’m feeling like I got to show some things,” he stated. “I’m happy I got the win, I’m happy I got to represent what comes with me. I can say I’m tough and all this and that all day, but I got to show that today.”

Hill believes from the outset that Santos would rely on his wrestling, which he did. In the stand-up department, “he had some timing on some nice shots,” Hill admitted. “But other than a couple, nothing really landed too, too flush. Nothing really like had me hurt, like ‘oh my God, I need to—.’ Nothing. Did I take steps backwards? See what I’m saying?”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 59 post-fight press conference with Jamahal Hill above.