UFC Vegas 59: Julianna Miller Is Excited To Humble Walker, Talks TUF ‘Rollercoaster’

Las Vegas, NV – Being on The Ultimate Fighter can be daunting to most young fighters, but UFC flyweight Julianna Miller is ready to bring the energy when she faces Brogan Walker at UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday night.

Miller (2-1) comes off the TUF experience which she described as a “rollercoaster”.

“You know the ones that have the water at the end where you get kind of splashes and you like it, but at the same time you’re kind of puzzled like ‘Oh shhh! What’s going on here’. It (TUF) really is just like a wild ride. I’m grateful for the whole experience, but if someone was like ‘Hey Juju, you want to go back to The Ultimate Fighter tomorrow for another two fights?’ I would be like no thank you,” Miller said to Cageside Press among other media on Wednesday.

Standing opposite of Miller is Walker who comes into UFC Vegas 59 with quite a bit more experience in MMA than Miller does.

“As I’m sure ya’ll have heard time and time again, she has so much more experience than me. She’s been fighting forever, and said is going to knock me the f out as soon as I step forward,” Miller said with a sarcastic tone.

“Almost all of that is true. She is a more experienced fighter, she’s been in here forever, she’s incredibly strong. She’s got a brick-like body. I mean from top to bottom she’s absolutely solid.”

The compliments ended there.

“However, she’s not a fan favorite because she’s not entertaining to watch. I’m here to bring the entertainment, to bring the fun, to bring a dog fight, to show you guys why you’re fans of this sport,” Miller said.

“We’re here for war. It’s not just about winning. It’s about your energy and your showmanship throughout the entirety of the process. To be quite frank, I like teaching people a lesson so I’m here to humbly give that to Brogan about all the mean things that she’s been saying. Because I’ve been nothing short of respectful.”

With a 2-1 record coming into the biggest MMA promotion on the planet can be daunting for a fighter who is still learning the game early on in her career.

“Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying if I’m being quite honest. A lot of people have the opportunity to slowly build their record kind of choose their fights. I did not. However, here’s the thing. I’m constantly underestimated because I have ‘no experience’. There’s an extreme amount of room for growth. Every single fight I step in the cage people are like ‘Who is this woman? She’s a new fighter’,” Miller said.

“With girls like Brogan that have been doing the same thing forever and ever guess who we’re going to see in that cage on Saturday? The same Brogan Walker we have seen for the past 9 fights. Guess who you’re going to see in the cage from me? You’re going to see a brand new killer.”

Miller made her point, but she continued on.

“You’re going to see a composure like you’ve never seen before and a tenacity that never leaves my soul. It’s something quite exciting actually to have the lack of experience. She has no idea what I’ve learned. She has no idea what I’m going to be doing. She thinks that I’m going to stick my head down and rush at her….which may be partially true, I mean we all know the bullhorns, I’m coming at ya,” said Miller.

“But it’s going to be with an intellectual level that she’s not prepared for because I’ve grown so much and I’m so new in this sport. So as scary as it is it’s quite exciting.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Julianna Miller above. UFC Vegas 59 takes place at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday August 6th.