UFC Vegas 59: Brogan Walker Looking For Highlight Reel Finish Of Miller

Las Vegas, NV – UFC flyweight Brogan Walker meets Julianna Miller in their TUF final fight at UFC Vegas 59 on Saturday night.

“I’ve been riding the usual ‘good vibes’ wave. Every fight I come into I’m always feeling great. Best shape of my life. Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. A lot of great vibes yesterday. Weights coming off so smooth everything in camp went smooth. I can’t tell you enough how great I feel and how much support I have,” Walker told Cageside Press among other media on Wednesday.

With the wealth of experience that Walker holds fight week isn’t as daunting for her as it is for many fighters getting their start in the UFC coming off The Ultimate Fighter experience.

“In a lot of ways it feels exactly the same (as other fights). Everything’s running really smooth, and according to plan. In a lot of ways it feels like the same. I know that there should be a little bit extra pressure here, but I thrive under pressure and I feel like, with everything leading up to this, it’s just….it all kind of adds to it for me,” she said.

Even though TUF is over Walker still feels the support of Team Nunes and the coaches who helped her during the show.

“Man I want this win for Team Nunes as well. I know that we’re all competing as individuals, but I could not have had the performances in the house that I had and had gotten to this point without all of the support from Amanda, Nina, and their coaches,” Walker said.

“Them working with my coaches even now. They put that time into me as a martial artist. They care about me and it shows. It shows in my camp. I’ve got a lot of people with really good fight IQ out there that are helping me to work towards getting prepared for this fight. I feel so prepared.”

Standing across from her will be Julianna Miller who doesn’t have the same level of experience as Walker, but still had the skill to make it to the finals.

“I like this aggressive pressure. I think it’s going to be a good fight and that makes for great fights. We’ll leave it at that.”

As for the fight itself Walker likened it to her coach’s performance at UFC 277.

“There’s a storm coming for sure. I’m prepared for that, but going back to the styles we have in this matchup, Julianna and I. I see this, you know, one of those highlight reel finishes,” Walker said.

“That pressure coming in, timing it. You guys watched the Amanda-Julianna fight. My coach fought a lot like me in that fight. I either see it going just like that except more blood or I see one of those highlight reel knockouts.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Brogan Walker above. UFC Vegas 59 takes place at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday August 6th.