UFC 277: Orion Cosce Picks Up First UFC Win Over Blood Diamond

Orion Cosce and Blood Diamond, UFC 277
Orion Cosce and Blood Diamond, UFC 277 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

A planned welterweight bout set to kick off the UFC 277 preliminary card on Saturday had a wrench thrown in the works when one fighter missed weight. That would be Orion Cosce, who came in 1.5 pounds heavy for his fight with Mike Mathetha, better known as “Blood Diamond” — necessitating a catchweight.

The fight would move forward, with both Cosce and Blood Diamond — who had twice before been lined up for a fight — looking for their first UFC win.

It wouldn’t be an easy night for the winner.

Both fighters took the center of the octagon after a touch of gloves. A low kick from Blood Diamond opened the fight, followed by a high kick from Cosce. Blood Diamond landed a front kick and blocked a hook from Cosce. Cosce shot for a takedown, but Diamond stuffed it. Cosce put Diamond against the fence. About two minutes in, Diamond reversed Cosce. Cosce landed a trip takedown, but Diamond got back up. Cosce landed another takedown, but this time Cosce kept him down in side control. Less than a minute left, and Diamond got back to his feet. Cosce landed a belly-to-back suplex but didn’t do much with it. The round ended with the pair of fighters back in the center of the octagon.

A low kick from Blood Diamond started round two. Thirty seconds into the round, Blood Diamond landed a punch that caused Cosce to clinch. Cosce put Blood Diamond against the fence. After about 20 seconds, they reversed each other. Two minutes into the second, and Cosce landed an elbow from the clinch. Blood Diamond eventually broke away and landed a body kick. Both men looked pretty tired with two minutes left. Blood Diamond landed an elbow and a front kick that hurt Cosce. On the break, Diamond landed a spinning back fist that hurt Cosce as “Galaxy” landed a back fist in return. Cosce was wobbled, but Diamond got clinched. Blood Diamond landed a knee that hurt Cosce as well, and began to light up his opponent. Cosce survived by clinching with Diamond.

Round three started, and both fighters were sluggish. Cosce landed a jab, and Blood Diamond responded with one of his own. Cosce put Diamond against the fence again and then landed a takedown. Blood Diamond got back to his feet, but with three minutes left, Cosce jumped on Diamond’s back. They’d go back down. Cosce locked up an arm triangle, but Diamond defended. The rounded ended with Cosce controlling Blood Diamond completely.

Official Result: Orion Cosce def. Blood Diamond by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)