UFC 277: Derrick Lewis Doesn’t Like The Media, Didn’t Know Who Pavlovich Was

Dallas, TX – Another Texas PPV means another Derrick Lewis fight as the UFC heavyweight is set to take on Sergei Pavlovich on the main card portion of UFC 277 on Saturday night.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday Lewis said he was not shy about fighting in his home state.

“I started fighting in Texas. I got more wins than losses in Texas. I don’t think it’s no bad luck or nothing like that. Just sh*t, it is what it is,” Lewis said.

Pavlovich isn’t a big name at heavyweight as of yet even though he is currently riding a 3-fight win streak. Lewis was asked if he knew who Pavlovich was.

“You already know, you didn’t know who he was either. Trying to ask me like ya’ll know,” Lewis laughed. “I didn’t know who he was. Still don’t know who he is. Do he speak english?”

Lewis is known for taking pretty much any fight offered to him, and Pavlovich is just another guy that will stand in front of him in the octagon.

“It really don’t matter (who my opponent is). I fought everyone. I fought guys that should be champions, and I fought guys that should be a reporter. You know I’ve fought everyone so it don’t matter,” said Lewis.

“I’m not the best fighter. So I don’t go out there thinking that I’m the best fighter either. I don’t care.”

As long as the check clears that’s all the motivation that Lewis needs.

“Its still (about) the money. Sh*t, inflation, you didn’t see the gas prices? What is it, 7 dollars-6 dollars in Vegas?” Lewis said.

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot reached over $800 million earlier this week and Lewis joked about winning it.

“Mega Millions? I’m a buy the UFC. Then I’m a talk so much sh*t to the reporters. Oh I’m a dog yo ass out like ya’ll do us fighters,” Lewis said with a grin.

Asked if he likes reporters Lewis had a quick answer.

“F*ck ya’ll. Ya’ll talk so much sh*t about me for no reason! I’m sitting up here telling ya’ll ass the truth. I don’t give a f*ck about this fight and sh*t and ya’ll sitting up here telling me ‘Oh I don’t think Derrick got it.’ Mother f*cker I’ve been telling ya’ll, f*ck ya’ll,” Lewis said trying not to laugh.

“Sh*t, it is what it is. Ya’ll don’t care.”

Watch the full UFC 277 media day appearance by Derrick Lewis above. The event takes place this Saturday, July 30, 2022 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.