DWCS 2022 Week 1 Breakdown and Predictions

Alessandro Costa
Alessandro Costa (left) and Ivan Hernandez-Flores Credit: Combate Americas

Flyweight: Alessandro Costa Vs. Andres Luna Martinetti

Tale of the Tape

Alessandro Costa
Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Legacy MMA/Brazilian Warriors
2 KO/TKOs, 6 Submissions
Combined opponent’s record: 51-26
Andres Luna Martinetti
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Nova Uniao Guayaquil
2 KO/TKOs, 6 Submissions
Combined opponent’s record: 48-28

Pros and Cons

Alessandro Costa


  • Submission threat
  • Chains together submissions well
  • Dangerous off his back
  • Excellent armbar
  • Good counter right
  • Good leg kicks
  • Solid wrestling
  • Relentless pressure
  • Good gas tank
  • Slick jiu-jitsu
  • Creative attack
  • Good chain-wrestling


  • Will telegraph his takedowns at times
  • Will get over aggressive in positions
  • Deceptive to leg kicks

Andres Luna Martinetti


  • Good leg kicks
  • Solid ground and pound
  • Good jab
  • Strikes from different angles
  • Strong top position
  • Useful front kick
  • Diverse submission threat


  • Hands Low/wide
  • Fights off his back foot
  • Throws single strikes
  • Low volume at times

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Costa
Speed: Costa
Output/Volume: Costa
Kickboxing: Martinetti
Striking defense: Martinetti
Footwork/movement: Martinetti
Wrestling: Costa
Grappling: Costa
More likely to finish on the mat: Martinetti
Gas tank: Costa

Prediction: I really like Costa as a prospect but is a small dude. He’s just 5-foot-3 but so far he hasn’t let his size hinder his career. He will have a four-inch height disadvantage against Martinetti.

Skill for skill I think Costa is better everywhere but size does matter in MMA. Especially when both guys are primarily grapplers, the size of Martinetti could be a problem. Martinetti fights at 135 regularly but has fought at 125 as well a handful of times.

Even with the size disadvantage, I’m picking Costa. I think his speed and athleticism will play a big factor. He’s a better grappler even if the fight does hit the mat.