UFC London: Paddy Pimblett First to Finish Jordan Leavitt, Locks Up Rear-Naked Choke

Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt, UFC London
Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt, UFC London Ceremonial Weigh-In, July 22, 2022 Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Paddy Pimblett was the talk of the town ahead of UFC London, where he was paired up with unheralded lightweight Jordan Leavitt.

Pimblett and Leavitt had done a good bit of trash talking ahead of the fight, with Leavitt promising to “twerk” over a fallen Pimblett at the O2 Arena, and Pimblett responding in kind with a threat to “teabag” his opponent.

If that wasn’t profane enough for you, Pimblett actually mooned the cameras at Friday’s weigh-in, sending a message to those who had commented on his weight between fights.

Pimblett might be England’s answer to Conor McGregor, and while the jury was still out on his in-cage career, his personality at times seems hardly able to be contained.

In the fight itself, Paddy connected early, while Leavitt also found success in the opening minute, getting Pimblett down, though he ate an elbow to do so. Pimblett was right back up, however. On the next takedown attempt, Pimblett sunk in a guillotine, while Leavitt hoisted him up and slammed him. Pimblett kept the choke in, as Leavitt circled around using the fence and broke the hold.

Pimblett was back up after that; Leavitt landed a left hand, and Pimblett jumped a guillotine. Back up, Leavitt took the back while Pimblett fought hands only to be dragged to his knees. Again, Pimblett popped back up. Again, Leavitt pursued a takedown, eating another elbow or two. Pimblett actually threatened with an inverted triangle during the next grappling exchange, and escaped back up, finding some space this time. Pimblett launched a jumping kick, then caught the neck, taking Pimblett down! He landed in side control, and took the back as the round came to a close.

Pimblett opened round two with a combo that fell short. Leavitt pressed forward with kicks, only to eat a few counters. Leavitt then landed a right hand, and closed the distance for a takedown attempt. Pimblett dropped an elbow, and used a whizzer to stay upright. Pimblett then secured a head an arm choke while standing, and took the opportunity to land a huge knee! They went down, Pimblett took the back, and softened Leavitt up with punches. Pimblett had a body triangle in place, and half a round to work. He got under the chin, and forced the tap!

Three wins, and three finishes, to start his UFC career for Paddy Pimblett. There was no teabagging, not really — Pimblett tried it, but Leavitt had already started to get up — and definitely no twerking, thankfully.

Official Result: Paddy Pimblett def. Jordan Leavitt by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 2:46