UFC London: Ľudovit Klein Upsets Mason Jones With Well Rounded Display

Mason Jones and Ľudovít Klein, UFC London
Mason Jones and Ľudovít Klein, UFC London Ceremonial Weigh-In, July 22, 2022 Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

London, UK – The featured preliminary card fight at UFC London on Saturday night was a lightweight match-up between Mason Jones and L’udovit Klein that had come together at the last minute.

While Jones had known for months that there was a spot for him on the card at the O2 Arena, his opponent had been a question mark. As it turned out, L’udovit Klein was the man to meet Jones in London, only getting the nod about a week ago after his original fight at UFC 277 fell through.

Round one both men were mindful of the others power but it didn’t take long for the fight to go off. Both men landed a barrage of powerful shots that left their corners unsure of who won the round. Jones used a lot of clinching to slow Klein down, but the power remained. Very close first round leaving most to feel like Jones will need to make this ugly.

Round two plenty of trading before Klein drops Jones with a barrage of shots and a clean right hand. He ended up on top of Jones landing a massive amount of elbows and hammer fists. Jones used his guard to buy himself time to recover and attempt a couple arm bar set ups, but Klein was wise to it. They ended up grappling on the feet with Klein feeling like he had the upper hand on the ground in top position. Jones was able to get on his feet and the two went on a striking exchange that the crowd loved. Round ended with Jones continually attempting takedowns but running out of time.

Round three Jones needed a finish and he knew it. Taking risks in the striking game and then clinching on the fence he eventually attempted a flying submission but ended up on his back. Klein worked on top landing shots and Jones looking for submission opportunities from bottom. At one point Jones was able to get to his feet, but he was wearing Klein as a backpack at that point. Klein bailed on the back take and they clinched on the fence. Fight ends on the feet, and Klein likely scored a big upset.

Official Result: L’udovit Klein def. Mason Jones via UD (30-27×3)