UFC Long Island: Matt Schnell Secures Brilliant Comeback Win Over Su Mudaerji

Matt Schnell and Su Mudaerji, UFC Long Island
Matt Schnell and Su Mudaerji, UFC Long Island face-off Credit: UFC

Flyweight action saw Matt Schnell and Su Mudaerji facing off Saturday. The bout had a tough act to follow after Charles Jourdain and Shane Burgos thrilled the crowd at the UBS Arena in Long Island.

Early on, Schnell got his opponent down and took the back, locking on with a body triangle. Mudaerji turned, however, and managed to reverse, getting on top. That was the end of Schnell’s advantage; Mudaerji would back off for a minute, trying to lure Schnell up, but he wasn’t up for that. Instead, Mudaerji got back on top, which was something of a mistake and Schnell clamped on with a triangle. Mudaejri got up, and dropped Schnell back down in a slam, but that allowed Schnell to transition to the top. Mudaerji fired elbows form bottom while Schnell worked from guard.

Round two had the pair exchanging on the fight early, with Mudaerji finding considerable success. Moments later, Mudaerji would rock Schnell with an elbow. Schnell was wobbled, and would eat another massive elbow moments later! Schnell was staggering like he’d had a long night out at the bar. Impressively, he was still trying to answer back, but every shot that landed seemed to stagger him further. Schnell that got Mudaerji’s attention with a shot to the chin. He rocked Mudaerji again, then landed a takedown and moved to mount! Mudaerji was in a bad spot as Schnell rained down punches and elbows. Somehow, a bloodied Mudaerji reversed! Schnell locked up a triangle next, while firing elbows from bottom. After adjusting, the choke was in tight, and that was a wrap!

After nearly being finished himself, Schnell managed to walk away with the submission win in what was a contender for Round of the Year, and Comeback of the Year!

Official Result: Matt Schnell def. Su Mudaerji by submission (triangle), Round 2, 4:24


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