UFC Long Island: Exhausted Herbert Burns Can’t Continue, Bill Algeo Gets TKO Win

Bill Algeo and Herbert Burns, UFC Long Island
Bill Algeo and Herbert Burns, UFC Long Island Credit: Youtube/UFC

A match-up made more for convenience than anything else, featherweights Bill Algeo and Herbert Burns faced off at UFC Long Island after their original opponents both dropped out.

Both fighters entered the night off single losses, looking to get back in the win column. And from the outset, Burns’ game plan was clear: he immediately pursued a takedown, looking to get the fight to the ground where his world-class jiu-jitsu could shine.

Algeo defended, if for just a moment. He was then pulled down, and Burns made a slick transition to a triangle. They rolled, and Algeo somehow gutted it out. They rolled again, Algeo still trapped in the triangle. Algeo made it to a knee, cleared his shoulder, and then had to contend with an arm-bar attempt. But Burns didn’t have the limb locked up, and instead Algeo passed to side control.

Bill Ageo simply surviving the opening round had to be a massive confidence boost. When he got up at the end of the round, Algeo raised his hands to a huge cheer from the crowd. Burns looked like he could barely stand up, and was labored getting back to his stool — energy spent.

Burns’ corner had to implore him to keep going between rounds; the featherweight looked as if he’d fought five rounds, not five minutes. The ref went so far as to bring in the doctor before the start of the second, but Burns signaled he was able to keep going. He did land an early takedown, dragging Algeo down, but Algeo landed on top. Algeo would get back up, then went to re-engage on the ground only for Burns to grab on to a leg.

This time, when Algeo got up, Burns refused to follow — and was so labored that the ref actually waved off the fight. The Brazilian appeared to be in tears and may have injured a knee in the fight. Either way, the end result was the same for Bill Algeo.

“The game plan was simple: knock his head off higher than my grocery bill,” Algeo said after the fight. “Mission accomplished.”

Official Result: Bill Algeo def. Herbert Burns by TKO (referee stoppage), Round 2, 1:50