UFC Vegas 58: Chase Sherman Looking For A Glimmer Of Hope, Fun Fight With Vanderaa

Las Vegas, NV – UFC heavyweight Chase Sherman is one of those fighters that finds a way to stay on the roster regardless of record. Coming into UFC Vegas 58 needing a win he takes on Jared Vanderaa on Saturday night.

Sherman (15-10) is currently on a four-fight losing streak, but has remained on the UFC roster when most fighters would be cut loose after suffering a third straight loss.

“The last fight I took it on four days notice. Stepped up when nobody else would. I really did that to get re-signed back into the UFC. They doubled my salary and I really couldn’t turn it down. That was really the reason for taking the fight just to get another opportunity,” Sherman told Cageside Press among other media on Thursday.

“Hats off to him (Alex Romanov) phenomenal grappler. Probably one of the best wrestling purists in the heavyweight division since DC (Daniel Cormier) was in there.”

Even with the losing streak Sherman remains someone the promotion wants to keep around.

“I’m blessed. Re-signed to the UFC three times, and I’m just waiting for my opportunity. I tell people all the time I’ve got a story to tell and that ain’t going to be denied. All we need is a little spark man. Light this motherf*cker up,” Sherman said.

“I just need that little glimmer of hope and then it’s on. I think you find that a lot with sports. Individual sports.”

The glimmer of hope may come in the way of Jared Vanderaa who himself is looking to right the ship with a win on Saturday night.

“I watched his fights. Stylistically I see a lot of my own characteristics in the things that he does. When I say that I’m speaking in the sense that he likes to walk you down, he likes to engage in the firefight. He mixes up well with the hands and the feet. When he called me out I went and watched the film. I was like this is a tailor-made fight for me. I think it’s going to be a really fun fight,” Sherman said.

“I think I’m going to get to show some more of my skill-set versus trying to just get off my back. I could be wrong though.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 58 media day appearance by Chase Sherman above. The event takes place this Saturday, July 9, 2022 at the Apex in Las Vegas.