Bellator 282: Sabah Homasi Opens Up About Bad Blood with Mendonca

Bellator welterweight Sabah Homasi took just under a minute to land a crushing knockout blow on Maycon Mendonca on Friday — putting Mendonca to sleep, and the bad blood between them to rest.

The punishing walk-off KO was the climax of a tumultuous Bellator 282 fight week, which saw a shoving match erupt between the two during weigh-ins as tempers flared.

Homasi (17-10) opened up about the circumstances behind the spat following his win at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Friday.

“To be honest, what started everything was, Tuesday we were in the workout room. Hence we were in the blue corner, I’m in the red corner but I’m with Johnny [Eblen, ATT middleweight].”

In other words, Homasi was on Mendonca’s turf, being a red corner fighter but accompanying Eblen to the blue corner workout room.

“We were moving around just to get a sweat. And he came in. So out of respect of it being his workout room— you know it was late at night, we didn’t figure he was going to be in there. So he comes in and I said, being respectful, I said ‘sorry man, I didn’t know you were going to be in here this late, if you want I can go over to my corner, to the red locker room.”

Homasi didn’t get the response he was looking for. In fact, he didn’t get one at all. “He f*cking ignores me. So I’m like alright, two options here, either this motherf*cker doesn’t speak English, or he’s just being a c*cksucker. But from the way he was looking at me, he was definitely being a d*ckhead.”

“So I’m like ‘alright motherf*cker,'” Homasi continued. “Next thing you know, we’re at the f*cking weigh-ins, and he says he’s going to kill me. And then he headbutts me. In English. What the f*ck is that?”

That led to Homasi gunning for the knockout during the fight, and landing it. Or, as he later put it, “gave him an Ambien, put him to sleep.”

Watch the full Bellator 282 post-fight press scrum with Sabah Homasi above.