There’s No One Bellator 282’s Danny Sabatello Won’t Trash Talk To


That headline up there, right above the featured video? That’s no joke. There is absolutely no one Danny Sabatello won’t talk trash to.

That even includes his own teammates. Luckily, as he heads into the Bellator bantamweight grand prix quarterfinals this weekend, he isn’t facing one of those. Instead, he’s paired up with Leandro Higo, but it wouldn’t have mattered if it was American Top Team pal Kyoji Horiguchi.

The trash talk would still be flowing.

“No, absolutely not. Danny Sabatello, all I do is I talk trash, and honestly, it doesn’t matter who it is,” Sabatello told Cageside Press when asked if there was anyone safe from his constant verbal assaults. “I know Kyoji’s my teammate, and I always have respect for my teammates, I’ve always got their back. But again, if you’re going inside a cage with me, I’m going to trash talk you, I’m going to do whatever I cam to get that W, I’m going to get into your head. I believe in mental warfare.”

“If I were to fight Kyoji, it would have been in the finals, and I think I would’ve talked a little bit of trash just because man, the stakes are so high in this, and my goals and my dreams are to be a world champion, and I don’t care who’s standing in the way,” Sabatello continued. “But, it is fortunate enough that he’s out of this tournament; I am the only ATT guy left standing. So going forward, yeah I’m going to talk trash to all these guys. But it’s really not just trash talk, it’s fact talk. When I say these guys are bums, they really are. That’s not an opinion, this is just a straight fact. They are bums, so I’m not lying or anything, I don’t view it as talking trash. I’m just stating facts. This guy I’m going up against next, Leandro Higo, he sucks. That’s just a fact. Read the sweatshirt, I didn’t make this up. It’s exciting I don’t have to fight an ATT guy, very fortunate with that, and Higo’s up next.”

The sweatshirt, if you missed it, had “Higo Sucks” printed on it in bold letters. Sabatello wouldn’t let slip how many were printed up. But he does believe that he’s inside Higo’s head.

“Yeah I’m 100% in his head. He doesn’t understand this game,” said Sabatello, who revealed he did a little tape study of his opponent — not just for his in-cage work, but to see how he acted towards opponents.

“I went back and I looked at his previous fights, and he never talked sh*t, he’s very respectful to his opponents. You know when you fight Danny Sabatello, things get shaken up. It’s totally f*cking different. My goal going into these fights is to get these guys talking trash that have never talked it before. Because it’s out of their comfort zone. This is foreign territory for Leandro Higo. But for me, I’m right at home.”

Danny Sabatello faces Leandro Higo at Bellator 282 this Friday, June 24, 2022 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. More coverage from the event can be found below.


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