UFC 275: Joselyne Edwards Overcomes Slow Start, Wins Decision Against Ramona Pascual

Ramona Pascual and Joselyne Edwards, UFC 275
Ramona Pascual and Joselyne Edwards, UFC 275 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

After suffering back-to-back losses as a bantamweight, Brazil’s Joselyne Edwards opted to give featherweight a try at UFC 275, where she opened up the card against Ramona Pascual.

An Invicta FC alum, Hong Kong’s Pascual had made her debut earlier this year but was out-classed by Josiane Nunes.

With no touch of the gloves, the fighters took the center of the octagon, followed by a low kick from Pascual to start the fight. Edwards landed a couple of low kicks as well. A few push kicks from Edwards, and then she landed a nice combo. Another push kick and 1-2 from Edwards but nothing landed. Pascual shot in and put Edwards against the fence, but Edwards escaped after landing a punch. Two minutes were left in the fight, and both fighters exchanged low kicks. Pascual caught Edwards’ kick and landed a punch. Just over a minute left, and Pascual caught a kick and put Edwards against the fence. With 45 seconds left, Pascual landed a knee that hurt Edwards! Pascual started teeing off on Edwards, which forced Edwards to shoot. The round ended with Pascual landing a head kick.

Round two started with both featherweight fighters exchanging kicks. Pascual shot for a takedown, but Edwards reversed it. They broke and got back to the middle. Just over three minutes to go in the round, and Pascual landed a left hand that got Edwards’ attention. Near the midway mark, Pascual shot for a takedown but nothing came of it. Edwards continued landing push kicks and low kicks. The round ended with Pascual landing a takedown. A very uneventful round.

A low calf kick from Edwards started round three. Edwards landed three body kicks in a row. A minute into the round and Pascual shot in for a takedown, but Edwards defended it. Edwards landed an uppercut as Pascual came in for a takedown. With about half a round left, Edwards landed a jumping kick followed by an axe kick. As the final minute neared, Pascual shot for a takedown, and Edwards defended again. Edwards really started opening up in the third round. Both fighters exchanged punches to end the fight.

Edwards may have started slow, but she came back to take a unanimous decision win in the end.

Official Result: Joselyne Edwards def. Ramona Pascual via unanimous decision (30–27, 29–28, 29–28)