UFC 275: Jack Della Maddalena Survives Anaconda Scare, TKOs Ramazan Emeev

Jack Della Maddalena and Ramazan Emeev, UFC 275
Jack Della Maddalena and Ramazan Emeev, UFC 275 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

Australian prospect Jack Della Maddalena was in search of his second win inside the UFC octagon when he faced off with Ramazan Emeev as part of the UFC 275 main card.

The pair’s welterweight showdown opened up the PPV portion of the show, which for the first time saw a numbered UFC event hosted in Singapore.

Emeev was looking to bounce back from a loss to Danny Roberts last time out. He’d barely get going, however, before his night was over.

With the action underway, Emeev worked the body, Maddalena focused on his jab, and Emeev changed levels just over a minute in. From there, he completed the takedown, but Maddalena almost immediately regained his feet— right into a choke! Maddalena gutted it out as Emeev rolled into the anaconda choke, and somehow survived.

Back on the feet, Maddalena then took control. He backed Emeev up, missing with a few swings then clipping Emeev with a right. It was a left hand to the body that crumpled Emeev, however, who turtled up on the canvas. Standing over him, Maddalena landed left and rights until the ref waved it off!

Emeev had entered the fight with a noticeable red patch on his body, whether that factored in or not wasn’t clear — but he certainly didn’t like that body shot.

Official Result: Jack Della Maddalena def. Ramazan Emeev by TKO (strikes), Round 1, 2:32