UFC Vegas 54: Andre Petroski Explains Gerald Meerschaert Call Out

Las Vegas, NV — After a big win and a curious callout, Andre Petroski explained why he wants Gerald Meerschaert in Singapore.

Petroski came up big at UFC Vegas 54 by taking Nick Maximov’s undefeated record, and he did it in a little over a minute. Needless to say, he was very pleased with himself.

“It feels good. You know, anytime you get to do what no one else has done, it feels good— or to be the first, those are the things that I want to do in this sport. I want to be the first,” Petroski told Cageside Press in his UFC Vegas 54 post-fight interview.

Petroski and his team might be setting another record. So far, his team, Renzo Gracie Philly, is undefeated in the UFC. The team from Philadelphia, which Daniel Gracie coaches, is 14-0 with four fighters in the UFC.

“We work incredibly hard. We’re pulling no punches, and we’re training really hard in there. I get humbled every day,” Petroski said. “It shows the grappling and the jiu-jitsu prowess [of the team] because of my coaches Jonathan Webb and Daniel Gracie.”

The 30-year-old had who he wanted to fight next locked and loaded. In his in-cage interview on Saturday, he called for Gerald Meerschaert at UFC 275 in Singapore, to see who the best grappler in the middleweight division truly is. He explained the call out when he got back to the media room.

“I didn’t like that he came out and was like, ‘I want the easiest fight for the most amount of money.’ I don’t like that,” Petroski explained. “For me, yeah, money is important, but I’m fighting for legacy. That’s the shit that matters for me. My kid watches me, you know? My kid looks up to me. I don’t want to fight the easiest guys. I want to climb the rankings and fight the toughest guys, so I don’t like that.”

Watch the rest of Andre Petroski’s UFC Vegas 54 post-fight interview above.