UFC 274: Randy Brown Feels He Has Ability To Win Fight Against Williams Anywhere It Goes


Randy Brown feels very confident going into his fight at UFC 274.

UFC 274 has fun fights up and down the fight card, but the prelim headliner could potentially steal the show. Brown (14-4) faces knockout artist Khaos Williams. Both men are coming off of two straight wins and are on the outside looking in on the top 15 rankings.

Brown really likes the match-up.

“The match-up is phenomenal. I love the match-up. I think ultimately, the fans win. Ultimately the fans win for something like this. I think that stylistically, it’s a great match-up for me as well,” Brown told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “You know, he’s a guy that’s coming forward, nonstop throwing volume, and I mean big combinations. He’s darting at you, and you know me, I’m a slick sniper. I’m out there moving, grooving, doing my thing.”

“So it’ll be his game to get close to me and try to close the distance and then throw those bombs, peel off those big combinations. For me, I just maintain being slick. Trying to get out of the way it is and land my sharp shots.”

Both fighters are known as finishers. In his eight UFC wins, Brown has finished four of them. His opponent, Williams, has knocked out four of his five opponents in the UFC. “Rude Boy” believes wherever the fight goes; he has the ability to win.

“I don’t want to come off like I like I’m dismissing this dude because I’m not. He is very dangerous. But I have the ability to win this fight anywhere I want to win this fight. That’s how I feel,” Brown said. “I feel like I get it done on the feet. You know, that’s where he’s most dangerous. I also get it done on the ground. A lot of people don’t realize that my ground game is tight. It’s tight. I just prefer to throw hands. But I get this fight done wherever I want.”

Brown believes the winner of this fight has a chance to crack the top 15 welterweight rankings next week. If they don’t, the winner will be set up with a big ranked match-up in their next outing.

Watch the rest of our interview with Randy Brown above. Brown vs. Williams goes down on the UFC 274 prelims on ESPN.


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