UFC 274: Macy Chiasson Hangs On to Win Decision Over Norma Dumont

Macy Chiasson and Norma Dumont, UFC 274
Macy Chiasson and Norma Dumont, UFC 274 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

Norma Dumont being one of the few female fighters in the UFC consistently competing at featherweight, it was something of a shock to see her come in heavy ahead of UFC 274. Even if it was by just half a pound.

Dumont was paired up with TUF winner Macy Chiasson in the fight, who had returned to the weight class one fight prior, only to come up short against Raquel Pennington.

Some steady action flowed off the opening between in Chiasson vs. Dumont. Chiasson showed a lot of stance switches and feints. She fired a few kicks high, upstairs and to the body, and worked her straight left. Dumont took a more ground approach, picking her openings, firing hooks. Most of the round would play out in that fashion, save for a late takedown just ahead of the buzzer landed by Chiasson off a spinning back fist attempt by Dumont.

Round two was all Macy Chiasson. And all-grinding, grappling, wrestling affair. At times, Chiasson got sloppy, too eager to land the takedown, which resulted in Dumont landing on top of her more than once. But on each occasion they were right back up, and Chiasson was in control for nearly the entire five minutes, the bulk of which Dumont spent with her back to the fence. Even at range, Chiasson was winning the standup.

That same could not be said in the third. Dumont looked like a different fight to start the round, as she came out and tagged Chiasson. Chiasson in turn shot for a takedown, landing it, but Dumont was quickly back up, and was eager to get her hands going again. Chiasson, however, opted to driver her opponent back into the fence. She’d eat up some clock; when Dumont got back to range, she tagged Chiasson again! A tired Chiasson desperately clinched against the fence again, and Dumont was essentially stuck there eating knees to the thigh for the remainder of the fight.

Official Result: Macy Chiasson def. Norma Dumont by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)


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